Monday, October 12, 2015

HBD Hayden Timothy Smith

Happy Birthday to my awesome nephew, Hayden Timothy Smith.

Words can not describe the love I have for this kid. He is the most precious thing in the world. He's got a personality for days, is so sweet, loves my son so much (and calls him Brobee cause he can't quite say Brody). Hayden is that kind of kid you dream of having. He just goes with the flow, he's got a sensitive side but is all boy at the same time. He is for a sure a momma's boy and I love that about him. When he doesn't like something, he lets you know. I am having a hard time coming to terms that he is 2 now. Like, where did my little man go? 

I love you so much. You are such a blessing to me and I can not imagine my life without you. You always make me laugh with your silly ways and you always have a smile on your face. You are a great example for Brody to look up to. Thank you for allowing me to be your aunt! It is such a privilege. And just know, no matter how big you get, you will always be my little man!
Love, Ninny