Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2 months old/ 9 weeks

How old? 2 months and 2 days or 9 weeks

Weight? 14..5 pounds (95 percentile)

Length? 24 inches (90 percentile)

Likes? To eat, kisses, standing, baths, his puppy bouncer, being talked to, snuggling with me on the couch, going for a walk as long as I don't go too long, then he screams to get out of it.

Dislikes? Being cold, when he's hungry, being left alone for too long

Eating? 3 oz every 2 hours. He is on soy formula strictly now. 

Sleeping? Ugh...he isn't a very good sleeper. It is something we are struggling with. He wakes really easily. He loves music played or the TV on when he sleeps, he just has a hard time getting comfortable on his back. I think he struggles with acid reflux and we haven't gone to doctor yet so I don't have any medicine for it just yet. I am hoping once we do he will sleep better. Below is his favorite place to sleep. The boy could sleep on me for days. It's an awful habit to get into but he's so much happier when he wakes because he has slept so sound. 

He also loves to sleep in our bed, propped up on a pillow. Which again I know is a bad habit to get into but he doesn't do this often. Just when I am exhausted and he's out. Haven't you ever heard about not waking a sleeping baby? That goes big time in my household, especially when the child isn't the best sleeper to begin with. 

Awake? A lot during the day. During the night we go through one stretch where he is awake almost 2 hours. He will cat nap during that 2 hours. And then he has a bottle and goes right back to sleep. And because of his stomach, he just can't get comfy. And this kid loves being comfy! 

Milestones? He is holding his head up about 80% of the time on his own. He can sit in a bumbo chair for about 5 mins. He loves reaching for things. You can look at him and smile and he will smile back (this is my favorite). He will follow me around the room with his eyes. Him and Dash snuggle together, even though Dash is acting out because of Brody but that's a whole other story. 

Anything new? I have gone back to work and he is staying with my sister during the day. He loves being in the Baby Bjorn facing me, where he can put his head on my chest and fall asleep. It's how we get around the grocery store now. Because he hates his car seat, this makes it so much easier on us. I took him for a quick walk around the block facing out so he could see. But he likes facing me better. :-) I can really tell his looks are changing. It amazes me to look back to a few weeks ago and see how different he already looks. Sometimes he is my mini-me and sometimes he looks just like Bobby. I love that he got both of our features. 

How's mom and dad? We are good. Hanging in there. Tired and we feel worn down but we look at him and it doesn't matter. I have about 1/2 a pound till I am at pre-pregnancy weight so I am super proud of myself for that. I still have a while to go to look like I use to look but that will come with time and exercise. We had our first date night for our anniversary so that was nice. We tried our best to not talk about Brody the entire time and managed to do that a little. But when your child is just as cute as mine is, it tends to be the topic of conversation for us.