Monday, October 19, 2015

State Fair of Texas 2015

On Saturday, my family did our annual Texas State Fair day. We've gone almost every year from what I can remember and every year, it gets more and more packed. My mom sent me a text last night saying that they broke a record with 42 million dollars in tickets! Insane. 

I debated taking Brody or not but my husband made the decision for me. He said no to Brody going. Told me to go have a day to myself with my family and he would watch little B. I think I asked him almost every day leading up to Saturday if he was sure he didn't want me to take him and he kept saying, No, I don't want him going this young. 

I was told to be at Tim and Kara's at 9 and we would all ride together. Going that early in the morning is great. It was nice and cool and there aren't that many people. My parents had to wait in a 2 minute line to buy a ticket. That being said.....when we were leaving at 2pm, there was an hour wait for a ticket! I love the fair but not enough to wait in an hour line to just get a ticket. 
Here we are in the back seat of the Tahoe. 

I was prepared to eat my weight in food. I had come with a lot of money and knew all the things I wanted to try. And here's the thing, I usually can put away food. I may not look like it, but I can eat. And I love food. Especially fried goodness. But ever since having Brody, my food intake has been cut dramatically. I am not as hungry any more and I don't eat a lot. I get full really fast and I hate it. So I was going to force myself to eat it all this year. EPIC FAIL! First off, by the time I was hungry, the lines for anything were way to long to stand in. My dad was smart and got a Fletcher's corn dog as soon as we got there. Because by 12pm, the line for one was like 20 minutes. I knew of 2 things I had to have this year. I always look up the new food at the fair and find that 1 or 2 times I must try, no matter how long the wait for it is. The first one was the Smoky Bacon Margarita and the second one was the Cowboy Corn Crunch. Luckily for me, the same man created both and I knew they would be at the same booth. And luckily for me, they were at the Beer Garden which is huge and has like 15 lines to go to. 

Smoky Bacon Margarita
Created by Isaac Rousso
He describes it as follows:
"An unconventional pairing of flavors adds a subtle smoky taste to a traditionally tangy drink. The Smoky Bacon Margarita takes the smokiness of freshly-cooked bacon and infuses it into a frozen lime margarita. With just a hint of smoke, this drink still captures the zesty citrus flavor of a traditional margarita. Finished off with a pinch of bacon crumbles on top, this thirst-quenching drink is served in a collectible souvenir cup for an added funky flair. Sip on this refreshing beverage and cool off from the Texas heat!"

When I say this thing was green, I mean this thing was green. Like neon green. Like radioactive green. Like slime green. So how did it taste you ask? Like a bacon margarita. They can't use tequila so it is wine based. So it did taste a little fake but the bacon part of it was good. Would I get one again? No. I am good with just that one. It was just ok. I am glad I tried it though. 

Cowboy Corn Crunch
Created by Isaac Rousso
He describes it as follows:
"In a state known for its cowboy culture, this creation captures the quintessential taste of Texas – all in one bite. A kickin’ mixture of sweet corn, minced jalapeƱo, rich cream cheese and a hint of smoky bacon, the Cowboy Corn Crunch is the perfect blend of savory and spice. This flavorful tot is fried to a golden, crispy brown and served in a unique palm leaf cone, proving especially convenient when walking while snacking around the fairgrounds. Get your taste buds ready, the first bite will knock your boots off!"

Seriously one of the best things I have ever tried at the fair. So good. Really creamy and savory, good crunch on the outside with that hint of heat from the jalapenos. I could have eaten like 100 of these things. I will for sure be getting this again and every year after that they have them. 

And people.....this was all I had! Besides my Angry Orchard Cider, that's it! I am so disappointed in myself. But I had a great time with my family so I couldn't ask for anything more. 

I just so happened to stand in front of Big Tex at the right angle to make it look like he was patting my head. Cracked me up as I was going through my photos. 

Landry fell asleep like this so it was only right Kara and I copy it. 

Don't miss my blog on Friday for my 30 in 30 where I ride the Texas Star for the first time! I've got great photos to prove it!