Monday, October 26, 2015

Sick weekend

What a weekend! My poor baby was sick all weekend. Starting from Friday at 1am till now, he has had diarrhea. To the point where we had to take him to Cooks Children on Saturday because he was running a low grade fever and we feared dehydration. And in an 11 week old, they can get dehydrated very quickly! 

So let's back up. Brody has been doing really good about sleeping from about 9:30pm-2:30am and then going right back to sleep from about 3:30am-6:30/7:30am. He had been doing that for about a week now and it was great. So when I heard him crying Friday at 1am, it through me off. So I went to him and noticed he smelled awful. I just thought it was a poopy diaper so I decided to go ahead and change him and give him his bottle since he was going to be up. So that's what I did. But as he is eating, he poops again. He proceeds to poop 2 more times in the next 3 hours. But these aren't normal poops. No....these are those wet poops that smell sour. So I knew it was something more. I spent all day Friday changing poopy diapers. He got like 5 baths because his little bottom was getting so red, that trying to change him would make him scream. We were putting butt paste and baby powder to help but every time he would go, to try to clean him just made it worse. Finally Bobby said no more of that stuff and we switched to Aquafluor and it made changing him so much easier. We also switched to Honest Company wipes (we have been going through all the other wipes we were giving as baby gifts) and he didn't cry like the other wipes made him do. (told you this company is the sh*t).  

Friday night was the night the really bad storm hit. And of course, Brody can't sleep because every time he falls asleep, thunder claps and wakes him or he poops and that wakes him. At 2am, our electricity decided to go out on top of it all! So I am dealing with a husband who is hot and a sick baby on top of a storm. Bobby opens the windows in our room and that helped some but not enough for Brody to be comfortable. So what are parents to do.....we swaddle him up, make a nice comfy spot on our bathroom floor and turn the cold water on in the bath tub. 

Brody loves the sound of running water! Loves it. If he is upset, I will lay him next to running water and he immediately goes quiet and listens. It took him 2 minutes to fall asleep next to the running water. Bobby has found this YouTube of someone who recorded running water so he turned that on, laid it next to Brody and turned off the water in the tub. Brody slept for like 2 hours! 

When we all finally decided to get up Saturday morning, I noticed he seemed really warm. So I took him temp and it read 101. He also had a little blood in the stool so Bobby and I decided to go ahead and take him to Cooks Children's Urgent Care Center to see if there was anything they could do for him. By the time we got there, his fever was gone and he was acting better. Just seemed really tired. The doctor there barely looked at him, told us he was dehydrated and that we needed to take him to the ER. Bobby went through nursing school so knew some signs and didn't agree with her. So we decided to get a second opinion before we took him there and made a huge ordeal over nothing. So we got a second opinion by a trusted friend who was an ER doctor for 15 years and she told us to get Pedialyte in him first. To monitor his pee diapers for the next couple of hours. If that doesn't work, to take him in. And told us the blood could just be from some irritation from him going so much. 

So we gave him 3 ounces of grape Pedialyte and within the hour had a pee diaper. And he also seemed more comfortable. So every time he seemed thirsty we would give him an ounce or 2 along with his milk. And it seemed to do wonders for him. We got him back home around 1:30, he finally fell asleep about 2:30 and slept for almost 3 hours. The kid needed it. 

So the dehydration is no more. We will continue to give him a little bit of the Pedialyte until his diarrhea goes away. He is pooping about every 3-4 hours now instead of the every hour so there is an end in sight we see. Since he is so little, there is nothing we can give him. It just has to run its course unfortunately and as long as there is no fever and no dehydration, it's just a bunch of poopy diapers in our future!

I did get a lot of snuggling this weekend. As much as Brody loves Bobby, he could not get enough of momma this weekend. And it's only fitting, whenever I am super sick the first person I want is my mom! 

Thank you mom for all those times you stayed up with me when I was sick and even though you wanted to pass out from exhaustion, you pushed through and never let me know it. I am learning what it means to be a mom everyday and everyday I love it more!