Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 weeks

How old? 10 weeks (double digits from here on out)

Likes? Being talked to, snuggling, baths, his hands, being swaddled. I let him take a bath with me last night and he loved it.  I was afraid the water was too hot for him, so we put his feet in to test it and he immediately pulled them out so I knew it was. So I added some cold water and it was perfect. He likes his bath water really warm and he would have stayed in there hours if we let him. He was just laying on my legs, moving his arms and legs around in the water. I stood him up where his feet hit the bottom of the tub and he just looked at the water. He is a water baby for sure which makes me super happy!

Hates? Being alone, laying on his back, his crib

Milestones this week? SMILING! Like full on smiling at us. It's the absolute best thing in the world. I just look at him and he smiles. It melts me everytime. And he has a big smile. We have also started teething. I keep getting told that he is too young to be teething but I know I am right. Rosy cheeks, drooling, chewing on his hands, warm, moody...all the signs are there. Teething tablets are in full force. 

Sleeping? Awful during the day! Sunday he slept about an hour and half all day. He wasn't in a bad mood until night time but this kid is just an awful sleeper. He hates being on his back and I know it's because of his stomach problems right now. We put him in his crib and he just screams. And yes, we let him cry it out but he will cry for hours if we let him and I just don't see the point at 10 weeks old. I read that babies don't start producing melatonin til 9 weeks old and don't really have it full on til 12 weeks so I am giving us to 12 weeks to start really letting him cry it out. He is sleeping in his pack in play in our room at night and during the day, either on the couch or in his puppy bouncer since it is upright. Sunday night and last night he did amazing during the night. Only woke once or twice and went right back to sleep. It's just day sleeping we can't quite get. 

Eating? He is his daddy's boy when it comes to eating. 3oz every 2 hours except in the middle of the night. We give him 4oz in the middle of the night and he will go about 3 hours or so.