Tuesday, October 20, 2015

11 weeks

How old? 11 weeks

Likes? Bath time with momma, being talked to, being sung to, his play mat

Hates? Getting out of the bath, tummy time

Milestones this week? We finally got into the doctor and I was able to talk to her about his stomach issues. They agreed with me that he has acid reflux so we were able to get him medicine. He started it Friday and so far nothing much. I know it takes some time but I just want some relief for him. He is so uncomfortable. Sunday night I did notice a difference in his sleep. We have been giving it to him with Gripe Water because the medicine they gave him taste awful and we were afraid he wouldn't take it. But Sunday night I decided to give it to him straight because I felt like it wasn't working properly and if it took 5 minutes, then it took 5 minutes. He was a trooper. He did great with it. I gave him half quickly and then the other half just as quick. Before he realized how awful it tasted, we were on to the next thing. He is a really good medicine taker which is great! 

Sleeping? He is doing much better. He only has 1 or 2 bad nights a week now. We have started a routine for him at night and it has worked wonders. This is how it goes. At 8:30, I run bath water, either in my bath or his. He will either take a warm bath with me or Bobby will give him a bath in his tub. It's the cutest thing. Bobby will have one hand under his head and the other hand behind his back and let him float around in the water. I will bathe him and then they will float and move around for about 5 minutes. When he takes a bath with me, he is in there with me for around 15 or 20 minutes. It's his favorite thing to do. He gets so happy as soon as he hits the water. He gets out around 8:45 or so and gets his PJ's on. He gets his medicine and teething tablets. He then gets a 4 oz bottle at 9pm. Half way through he gets burped and swaddled. Then he finishes and without fail, he is usually almost sound to sleep. I give him to Bobby who takes him in our room, gives him some gas drops, his pacifier and within 1 minute he is out. He has always loved music played and recently we have been playing it from our TV. We place a blanket over the TV and turn on Soundscapes and all 3 of us sleep so peacefully. Bobby and I are loving the music played. But because of this routine, the earliest he will wake is 1am and that's been rare. It's usually 2am and then again around 5am. He will have those 1 or 2 nights where he can't get comfy or he wants to play and that's hard. But now that he is on this medicine, he should be able to start getting more comfy and be able to relax more. Sleeping during the day still is a struggle. He likes his cat naps and I told the doctor that and she wasn't worried. He was growing good and seemed happy so she said with time he will get on a routine during the day. I do notice he takes a better afternoon nap then morning nap. 

Eating? He is a chunk! He loves to eat. 3oz every 2 hours except at night he gets 4oz.