Friday, May 15, 2015

28 weeks

See they are doing so well. They know exactly what to do for us. Make's this picture so much easier to take. 

How far along? 28 weeks and 3 days. I am finally in my 3rd trimester. I swear the time is going so fast for us. We have less than 12 weeks left and with everything going on, it's just going to go so fast. 

Total weight gain? 15 pounds. I told Bobby I had the 3 B's mastered on this body of mine. Boobs, Butt and Belly is where all the weight is for me. 

Maternity clothes? I love maternity clothes. They are so comfy. And so cute. I find that some of my dresses I had before I got pregnant still fit me so I am wearing those as much as I can. 

Sleeping? I have slept great this week. Could be all the rain we are having. But whatever it is, I don't want it to stop. 

Best moment this week? I went and visited my grandparents yesterday and right after we got done eating lunch, MM was rolling around so I scooted my chair over to my Grammy and put her hand on my stomach and he moved for her. Her face was priceless. I love small moments like that. He hasn't moved for anyone else except Bobby so it was nice for someone else to be able to feel him. Also, I have found out what makes MM move a lot. Whenever I eat anything sugary, like cake or cereal, he moves around a lot. And when I drink my morning decaf coffee, he moves around too. It's just funny what makes him dance around and move a lot. And he moves A LOT! He likes to kick my right rib cage area the most. That's where I feel move of the moment. 

Worst moment this week? I've had a good week. No complaints. 

Do I miss anything? My swim body. Summer is getting closer and closer and the thought keeps creeping up on me how big I will be this summer at the pool. It is what it is I understand but when all your friends look super cute and here I am, it's just intimidating a tad. 

Cravings? My new love in life: Gluten Free Funfetti Cake! All I have been wanting is CAKE. My friend Julie sent me a picture weeks ago about this cake but I could never find it. Well I went to Wal-Mart the other day for something and BAM...there is was. I grabbed 2 boxes, a thing of vanilla marshmallow frosting (so amazing) and we {I} have been a happy camper since. 

Aversions? This week has been OK. Meat still makes me gag a little but not as bad as it has been. I just can't see it raw to cooked. And white meat turns my stomach some. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Hungry....all the time. And I am still having the dizzy spells but my doctor said it's just my form of morning sickness. My levels are good and my glucose test came back good so there's not much I can do except take it easy in the mornings after breakfast. And to drink watered down Powerade or Gatorade to help balance me. 

Belly button? It is still in. 

Stretch marks? Thank God none yet. 

Looking forward to? Moving. Hopefully it is next week. I thought it might be this week but nope. I have seen the 20th, the 22nd and the 25th on multiple different paper work so who knows. As long as we are in the new house by my shower on the June 6th, I will be good. 

Also, today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and you best believe I will be celebrating that! I love Chocolate, I love Chocolate Chips and I love Cookies and when they are all added together and baked and come out of the oven warm and gooey....there is nothing better!