Thursday, May 28, 2015

Milestone Birthday Party

Saturday, Kristen held her 30th and Billie Marie's 1st birthday party at her mom's house. And what kind of Aunt/Sister in law would I be if I didn't show up with my camera. I know I look like the crazy chick that stands randomly behind you taking photos like the paparazzi but everyone is use to it, and I know they secretly love it cause I do my best to capture everything I can. 


The weather sucked but that didn't stop the group from partying it up. There were so many kids and it was loud and chaotic but that's what I love. Kristen got a margarita machine for the adults (minus us pregos) for her birthday part of it. They looked good :(  10 more weeks.......10 more weeks! 


Here is what I captured of the night. I tell you, I love Billie Marie so much. That girl has a string straight to my heart and she has her Uncle Bobby wrapped around her pretty little finger. Kristen got her this gorgeous dress that didn't last long, but lasted long enough for me to take pictures of her! Did I tell you how much she loves the camera? 

There is another little girl that LOVES Bobby. She is very shy to everyone else but when it comes to him, she is drawn to him. I told Bobby if she was 20 years older, we would be having some words. Her name is Andi and she is Broc and Julie Cordova's little girl. She has loved Bobby since she was a little baby. When she would come over to swim, she would search for him and stay with him the whole time. I had this premonition that we may end up having girls cause of how they are drawn to him and how good he is with them but that was wrong since I am having a boy, obviously. 
They sat here and did this for like 15 minutes or so. So sweet. 

Then came time for cake. I knew my girl would NOT let me down like her brother did. Kent fell asleep during the middle of his cupcake eating at his first birthday. But I knew she liked them because of our photo shoot. So we sang to her and away she went. She ended up eating almost all of it and smearing it all over herself. So great! 

After we sang to Billie, I heard Kent say, "Wait, we need to sing to mommy for her birthday!" It was so sweet. Instead of asking for a cupcake or what not, he already thinks of his momma first. this kid so much. So we sang to her. Kristen is so just so pretty, and kind, and funny and my life would not be complete without her. And look how amazing she looks! I'm so proud of her. She is down to her pre baby weight and then some. CrossFit has been amazing for her and such an inspiration for me after MM comes.

 What a great night. So much fun and being surrounded by friends and family is my kind of night. It was an awful drive home because as we were leaving the bad storm hit and I was nervous the whole drive home because it's no secret I hate thunderstorms but we made it home safe and sound.