Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hummingbird turns 1

Dear Diary,

Sunday was not only Mother's Day, it was also the day Billie Marie turned 1. I know I told you a few weeks back that I went and took her first birthday pictures and the girl did not disappoint. I thought I would need Kent to help me because she loves Kent and he makes her smile so big. But when I got there, she was in a great mood and Kent had gone with Billy to get breakfast. So Kristen and I decided we would give it a shot and see how she did. It was like she knew the camera was on her cause she turned on the charm and gave it all she had. I told Kristen to put her in modeling because she just sat there. She never tried to move or cry or turn away from me. How I love her so much. So much attitude, so much sweetness, so much sass. She is the only girl so far in the grandchild department in the Lewis family, but trust me....home girl can hold her own. 
Without future ado, here is her photo shoot from that day. 

 Oh and let me tell you. She takes after her Aunt Dani when it comes to the cupcakes. She by passed the frosting (we smeared the frosting on her and her clothes to give the illusion like she ate it) and she went straight for the cake! Ate the whole thing. My girl indeed! 

What a joy you are to me. I love you beyond words can describe. You make me laugh, you give me the dirtiest looks but then turn right around and give me a kiss and I forget you just stared at me like that. You are a Momma's girl for sure and have no problem screaming at Kent when you want something. When your Uncle Bobby and I were on your first Galveston trip last summer, we got to keep you one night with us and in the morning I let you sleep in the bed with us and you just hummed {hence your name I call you}. I love how you LOVE your Uncle Bobby and whenever you see him, you just light up and reach for him. It's such an honor to be your Aunt and I can't wait for more adventures with you. I love you baby girl! 

Love, Aunt Dani