Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spa Day

Today was spa day at my house. And no, not for this momma. But for my pups. Dash sheds a lot and my husband was sick and tired of it. So we researched what you can do for pups that shed a lot. 

I read to make sure they have a really good dog food and clean water at all times. Already did that. They get very expensive food by Fromm and I refill their water bowl every other day. 


To give them a few healthy table scraps. Like chicken, red meat, a few veggies and some cheese. Nothing processed and try to stay away from carbs. Already do that. In that very expensive food I give them, I also add either some egg or leftover dinner. 


Bath them with really good, easy on skin dog soap. I already do that. Not as much as I should, but once every 6-8 weeks or so. But the last time I did it, the soap made Bullet extremely itchy to the point where he made himself bleed so I have been afraid to do it again. 


Groom them. I already......wait no. I don't brush them. Never have. Never even thought to take a brush to them. 

So this is what I am missing. Better soap and brush. 

So I researched and I researched and everything I kept coming back to, told me to look into this product called FURminator. B and I watched YouTube videos on it and amazing it looked. So we decided to spend a little extra and went for it. But I knew I need better soap for sensitive skin that had oatmeal and coconut oil in it. And thanks to Amazon, I found one. Viva La Dog Spa in Oatmeal. SMELLS AMAZING!!!!!!! No one can ever tell me I don't love and spoil my dogs. 

And yes, this 29 week pregnant chick did this all on her own! 

Here's how our spa day went. 

We went outside and got ourselves brushed real good. I tell you this FURminator brush is the best. They come in different sizes. We mainly got it for Dash but used it on Bullet as well. You can see after just one quick brush of his skin how much hair came off. 

Here is the new shampoo I used. It's a little girly but whatever. It smells great and works great. 

 I always do Dash first. He is the hardest to bath cause he's so much bigger. He doesn't mind it to bad cause I use my nails to scratch him and lather him. But he does know how to climb out of the tub so I have to keep one hand on him at all times or he will sneak his way out. 

Time for a rub down. This is his favorite part. He would stay under this towel for hours if I let him. He keeps going back under it for me to dry him off more. 

All nice and clean! 

And Bullet is next and where do I find him? Hiding under his daddy's legs because he knows he's next and he hates the water. But he is much easier cause he's smaller and where Dash takes a good 3-4 mins, Bullet takes like 1-2 mins. 

In you go Bully 

All done! And yes, Dash likes to help and make sure Bully is ok. 

Nothing like clean pups! These are their "I really don't like you right now mom" faces but oh well. They forget about it 5 minutes later. 

I also clip Dash's nails (I'm really good at it). Why spend money at PetsMart/PetCo when I can just do it myself and spend the time with them. I talked to them the whole time and even though they hate me for about 5 minutes, doesn't bother me one bit. 

For dogs that shed a lot, I read to brush them twice a week and after one of those times, to bath them. So we are going to try it. 

I found the FURminator for much cheaper on Amazon. Go the actual website {here} to determine which one you need and then head over to Amazon to find it. As well as the Viva La Dog Spa Shampoo. It does come in different scents but because of Bullet's sensitive skin, I stuck with the Oatmeal one.