Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Day of Prayer

Prayer has been something I have done a lot of lately. And it should be something I do a lot but I find myself very busy and forget. And I am sure a lot of you are the same way. You go about your day and only when things go bad or something, do you turn to God. But we must remember to turn to him at good times too. We must thank him for the good and bad times. The good times are reminders of the good in the world and the bad times are lessons/experiences we learn a long the way. 

Today is National Day of Prayer. It falls on the 1st Thursday in May each year. It was designed by the United States Congress in asking people to turn to God in pray and meditation. The modern law was enacted in 1952 and each year since, the President of the United States has signed a proclamationencouraging all Americans to pray on this day.  

So take some time today (and everyday) to pray to God and thank him for it all. Read the Bible, reflect on the good and the bad, remember to spread his love and at your deepest darkest moments, remember it is him who is carrying you.