Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm the healthiest I've ever been

Dear Diary, 

I read an article about how there are things that we do pregnant that we should do in our everyday lives and I thought I would share what those are: 

1) We take vitamins every single day- even when we aren't pregnant, we should take vitamins every day. It's a wonderful habit to start and thanks to this pregnancy, it's like clock work for me. I use to take pill prenatal's but I have now invested in gummy prenatal vitamins and it has changed my world. I grab 2 right before dinner and I am done! Granted I do take a pill form of Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12 to help with my dizziness. I just hope I can continue to be this good about taking them after MM comes. Having it in a gummy form makes it so easy to remember and take. 

2) We eat better- I mean it's true. I consistently make sure I have had enough fruits, veggies and lean protein each day. I am going to invent the pregnancy diet and share it with everyone because if I ate this good and clean while I was not pregnant, I would have looked and felt better than I did. Stay tuned on this pregnancy diet thing I am starting.....it's going to take over the world! 

3) We limit alcohol and caffeine- Alcohol can really harm a baby. There is no proof about how much is to much for it to harm, so traditionally we are told to just stay away for it for 40 weeks. OK....sure? If you like wine like myself, that's hard. I have actually done better than I thought I would (I have had about 3 glasses this whole pregnancy) because I know the effects it can have on my child and to know I actually could have caused it would crush me. But if we took the same idea and applied to our everyday lives, like limiting ourselves to 1 glass of red a night or only drinking on the weekends and doing good every other day, you would actually be promoting a healthy lifestyle. And caffeine...caffeine can stunt growth in your baby or even cause miscarriages and that is why they want you to limit it to 1 cup a day. Caffeine in general, is not good for you. I do know that drinking 1 cup of black coffee in the morning gets your metabolism going and that is good, but having 6 cups by 10am can lead to heart attacks, the shakes and addiction. It's just common sense people. 

4) We get smiles from everyone- OK so this one can't be helped when you are pregnant. Even when I don't want anyone to look at me or smile at me, it happens. But I have taken that into account and realize that even after I am not pregnant anymore, I will do my best to smile at more people. If you notice, when you smile, they smile. Pregnant women are already glowing and happy (most of the time) but people can sense that and see that so they smile. Learning to do that in everyday life, is something I am striving for. 

5) We can claim we are eating for two- So this is a fun one. I actually have never claimed it. I read somewhere to only add an extra 300 calories a day to help with weight and stretch marks. But people tell it to me all the time. They will give me extra "because I am eating for two". OK...sure, in reality I am but he honestly doesn't take that many calories away from me and if anything, giving him fruits, veggies and protein will help make him stronger than shoving cake down my throat. {GUILTY}

6) We get doors opened for us everywhere we go- this one happens even when I am not pregnant. I luckily surround myself with wonderful men, who have a lot of respect for women. But I find that even women will hold the door for me. And one time at a store, a teenager held it open for me and I thought how kind that was and then remembered it's cause I have this belly sticking out. I truly believe in karma so whenever I see someone who is in need or who is coming my way, I try to hold the door open. It's just polite. 

7) We get seats where ever we are- this is probably one of my favorites because honestly, who is that lazy to NOT offer a pregnant chick their seat. Unless you are crippled, hurt, have bad knees or back, pregnant yourself or feeding a child, you do NOT have an excuse. I like to stand a lot, it helps with blood flow and circulation for me, plus helps me on my poster, but the farther along I get, the nicer it is to be asked if I want someone's seat. 

8) We are always asked if we need any help and if we are feeling OK- it is so nice to know people care. I just wish people cared this much about each other when the belly isn't growing everyday. If we took half the kindness we show during these 40 weeks and applied it to the outside world, do you know what a better place this would be? {JUST SAYING}


Today MM is 30 weeks! He now starts the 1/2 a pound a week gain and with him being already 3.3lbs (as of last Wednesday), I am predicting at least an 8 pound baby if we go full term. He is the size of an eggplant, butternut squash or a cantaloupe, whichever app you decide to read. He may actually start dreaming now, and he can open, close and blink his eyes. He will start to be awake more and learn how to take naps, rather then sleep for a long period of time, be awake for a few minutes than back to sleep. And trust me, this child of mine already is hyper and likes to kick and move and turn himself. 

Love, Me