Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been hectic: 

Our House- Good news: so our house has officially sold and we have officially found a house. Yay! Bad news: I have no idea when we are closing or moving. Each week is up in the air and it's becoming frustrating. There is so much paperwork that goes along with selling and buying a home. Paper's have to come from all over, like work, the bank, previous employers, etc. Then you have to deal with the loan people who are about to drive my husband off a cliff. It's something new everyday and we are just over it. And on top of it all, our oven went out last Saturday when we got home from the grocery store. So Bobby has had to grill every night. We were going to go buy a new one for the next owners, but turns out the realtor that is helping them, wants to go in on it with us as a gift to them so we don't have to do anything but give them some money. So that is a blessing. I love the house we are buying and I can not wait to show you pictures of it. If we ever get in it. I just told Bobby I want to be in by my shower so we have a place for everything to go. 

Work- Work is going great. I am loving this part time gig I have going on. And I love my new boss. He's so easy to work for and is really cool to be around. He always has a positive vibe and loves the Lord as much as I do. I used to sit out in the front lobby with my previous job title but because I am only in 2 days a week, they decided to put one of our new sales guys up there and move me into my bosses office. I love it. Even though I hate heights, I am loving my view. Notice all the pink stuff, it's what helps me get through my day. I love pink! Oh and you might notice the little things of peanut butter, it's cause when my blood sugar drops, I pull one of these out and eat it and I am good. And all the vitamins, I take 7-8 vitamins a day, all through out the day, plus my thyroid pill in the morning. 

Mighty Mouse- I had my 29 week appointment yesterday with the sonogram people and I was praying he was awake and cooperating but of course, he was sound asleep and had his arm over his face. We have yet to see his face full on! It's usually towards my back or to the side or he's covering it. He likes to show off all the rest of his body but not his face. He is making us wait for his debut I guess. He did stick his tongue out at us and that was hilarious. Already a jokester and already flexing. In one of the photos, he was flexing his arm muscle. She was able to capture it at the right moment along with his front/side profile. He is 3.3 lbs, measuring a week early and is perfect she said. He is in the 65 percentile for his age so we are going to have a BIG baby on our hands (according to the doctor). He seems to have my chubby cheeks and Bobby's nose. Bobby has the most perfect heart shaped lips and I think he has those too. I have big puffy lips and he didn't seem to have those but you can't really tell in these. Both Bobby and I were born on the 29th, so it would be really cool if he came on July 29th to match. I really wanted to see his face because I thought if I saw his face, a name would come to me. But I left the appointment yesterday still not knowing what I want to name this baby. I just want it to feel right and when I hear it or say it, it's him. Luckily I have a respectful husband and a patient husband who hasn't pressured me at all on it. He did find something on Pinterest last night that he wants to do for his room but would need his initials and he kept hinting at how he would like to make it before he comes and would need to know what to put. Sorry Boo....just not feeling it yet! 

This weekend is going to be crazy. We have packing to do, birthday parties to attend, memorial day to celebrate, may go fishing if the weather is good, figure out a day to close on both houses, all while juggling to stay calm and not over do it and remember that this time in our lives is blessed by God and to remember it all and be thankful for it all. If MM goes full term, we have less than 11 weeks to get everything ready for him not including the already jammed pack summer we have planned. 

Ugh......Bobby is mentally tired and I am physically tired and we haven't even gotten to the crazy part yet. Please pray for us in these next couple of weeks. I know after we move it will take a lot stress away, especially for Bobby, so I just keep praying for peace and calmness to be in his heart for us all. Lord knows he is the one who keeps our small family afloat, especially with my crazy pregnant self :)