Friday, May 8, 2015

27 weeks

The boys are getting the hang of it. I move the couch where I want, Bobby grabs my phone, Dash automatically jumps up in his spot, B places Bullet in his spot, we pause a second and then B starts snapping. We have learned if we talk to them, they go crazy. So B just stands there and they stare at him. It use to be a 3 minute ordeal but now it's 30 seconds and we are done! 

How far along? 27 weeks and 3 days- ending my 2nd trimester this week 

Total weight gain? 14 pounds still. Went to the doctor this week and that's what I still was so I'm sticking with it. 

Maternity clothes? For sure. As you can see from the red dress I wear each week, it's getting shorter and shorter. Going to have to wear leggings from now on in these photos haha 

Sleeping? Not very good this week. The backaches have started and they come at 4am. I just can't get comfy, no matter what position I get in or how many pillows I use. I ended up pulling the heating pad out and sleeping with that on my back. Helped a little. 

Best moment this week? Hearing Mighty Mouse's heart beat. He's been moving like crazy and loves when I eat cereal but to actually hear his heart and hear her say he's got a good strong beat going is just wonderful. 

Worst moment this week? The back-aches for sure. They start about 8pm at night and I can get in a warm bath and it goes away but then at 4am, it starts back up. I haven't asked B to rub my back yet because I have been waiting for the right moment in this pregnancy but I might just start cashing in on that. 

Do I miss anything? Wine. The closer summer comes, the more I think about it. And my dad's margaritas. My dad's margaritas are hands down one of the BEST margaritas I have ever had and he made a pitcher of them last week and sent a picture. Sure dad.....rub it in my face I can't drink them this summer :( 

Cravings? PEANUT BUTTER! We go through 2 containers of Peanut Butter in one week. He eats crunchy and I eat creamy and every Sunday when we go to the grocery shopping, we have to buy a new one of each. I've just started eating it out the jar. So if you come over to my house, you might want to stay clear of my peanut butter. Not because I won't share, but because I don't think you want to eat after me. Protein bars are a must for me right now because they a huge source of protein for me right now. And cereal. I could eat cereal all day and all night. Cereal, Peanut Butter, Protein Bars and Milk are the 4 staples in my house right now for me. 

Aversions? Meat was getting better for me but now, it again is something I have to force myself to eat. Hamburger meat, sausage and bacon I am good with. But anything else, turns my stomach and I just can't do it. B struggles every week with dinner for us because he is big meat eater and I have turned vegetarian on him without doing it on purpose. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Back-aches. Tired. Short of breath. Takes forever for me to get comfy. The dizziness and fainting have gotten better. I have found a balance in my breakfast (thanks to my doctor) so it has gotten a lot better. It still hits me around 10am but nothing like it did. I just drink a lot of water when it does and stop what I am doing and a few minutes later I am good. She wants me to add watered down Gatorade to my day because she thinks my electrolytes could be low so that is on the grocery list to get Sunday. 

Belly button? In

Stretch marks? None

Looking forward to? Moving. Our house has officially sold and we have found a house that is perfect for us but we are waiting for the appraisal and if everything is good there, we will officially have a house! We were supposed to move this coming week but I think we are pushing it back a week for the people in the house we are buying from a chance to move out. The guy that bought our house has been very cool with our moving process so we couldn't be more blessed in that.