Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm a bad mom Part 2

So I am again blogging about how bad of a mother I am. So I talk a lot about my dogs. But I do have a third child that I don't talk about much or blog about much because he doesn't live with me. He lives with my mom and dad and he is my cat, Boots. Boots turned 17 on Sunday.......17! That cat has seen it all, been through it all and is still around to remind us all who is in charge. I don't get to see him much and it turns out I have a small allergy to cat dander (would have never known until I moved out about that allergy). But I love that cat and when he does decide to go up to animal heaven, it will be super hard on me. When my dad texted me Sunday, saying Boots was 17, I couldn't believe it. That means I got him when I was 12, along with his sister Scoots from the Feed Store in Irving, TX. I had original gone to get this really pretty dog but a lady had bought him out from under me and there sitting in this crate, were these 2 cats. So dad told me I could have them and here we are. Scoots died many years ago but Boots keeps on keeping on. He has the life living with my parents. He gets expensive food, his cat box gets cleaned 3 times a week and he gets to go anywhere and lay anywhere he wants to lay. Fun fact about Boots...he loves pretzels! I don't remember how I discovered that so long ago but anytime anyone brings a bag of pretzels out, he ends up finding you and bugging you till you give him a few. I just love him so much and I thank my parents for being able to keep him for me and take care of him for me. I know it isn't a lot or a big deal to them, but it does mean the world to me that he is loved everyday since I can't be there to do it. 

Happy 17th Birthday Boots. You were my first pet and I took such great pride in you. You like to cuddle when it's on your terms and your love for pretzels just cracks me up. You get called jackass a lot cause of your constant reminder that you are in the house by crying and I hope you have many more years left so you can torture my dad some more. 
I love you- Mom