Friday, May 22, 2015

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 15 lbs and knowing he is 3.3lbs of that makes me feel like I am doing good. I didn't want weight to be a factor with me but I know I'm just going to keep adding cause he's going to keep adding and with a little over 10 weeks left, I know the majority of the weight is about to happen so it makes me a little nervous. 

Maternity clothes? I just added a few summer pieces to my wardrobe that I so desperately needed. Like some shorts and a few summer tops and dresses. I still need to buy a swimsuit. 

Sleeping? Awesome. I went through a rough patch a few weeks ago but when it rains like this, I tend to sleep really sound. I don't really have time to nap, but I have a feeling once we finally do get in the new house and I do some days off, I will make time to nap. 

Best moment this week? Seeing my little Mighty Mouse on the sonogram and closing on the house we are buying. We are waiting on one piece of paper from the guy who is buying on our home but once that is in, we are good to finally sign all the paperwork and move. We are hoping for next Tuesday or Wednesday for the actual closing date and then either move Wednesday or Thursday. Fingers crossed! 

Worst moment this week? Again, I've had a good week. Minus the stress from all this house crap, it's been another tame week. 

Do I miss anything? White wine and my dad's margaritas. I don't know which one I will have first after this pregnancy. I have had a little wine being pregnant but it's been sips of other peoples and not a full one on my own. And I refuse to drink liquor pregnant, there's just no point to it in my book. Wine and beer are one thing, a mixed drink is another. I talk about my dad's margaritas so much....I might have to see if I can get permission to share his recipe. Oh and he makes the best guacamole but good luck getting that recipe out of me. That's a family secret. 

Cravings? Now I want my dad's guacamole! It's also been Peanut Butter, Chocolate Rice Cakes and anything sweet I can get my hands on which is bad because sugar doesn't sit well with me right now. I get the whole light headed dizzy crap and I feel like I am having a panic attack. So I really have to watch my sugar intake now. 

Aversions? Not really. Meat has been this whole time but I'm not at the point anymore where it makes me wanna puke. I eat it every night and have found ways to eat it during the day. Like chicken salad or tuna salad. 

Pregnancy symptoms? My right leg feels like I have done a massive work-out when in reality, I don't walk on the treadmill anymore. When I do, I have to use the bathroom every 15 minutes so I leave my post and when I come back, someone else is on it. Plus my gym clothes don't fit me anymore so I am waiting a few weeks for the pool to warm up and work out that way. I can feel my pelvic area stretching to accommodate my growing child and his entrance into the world. I know that's why my butt and legs feel that way. It's just hard when I get up from somewhere and try to walk and have to sit back down for a few seconds for it to adjust. 

Belly button? In and I don't see it ever coming out. I have a feel it will be perfectly in line with the rest of my stomach. I had a deep belly button to begin with so that's probably why. 

Stretch marks? None

Looking forward too? My maternity photo shoot with Mrs. Becca Egger today! I don't have anything planned and have no idea how they are going to come out but I know with her behind the camera, everything will be perfect. 

I will be taking Monday off for the Holiday but I want to say Thank You to all the military people who have served, who serve now and who think about serving. What you do for our country can never be repaid, except by Jesus Christ in Heaven. I believe God has a special place for you all by his side. Thank you for keeping our country a free one and for leaving your homes and family's to go try to keep peace. To keep terrorist off our door, to bring structure and security to our home. I wish you all the love and support I can offer.