Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A new chapter in my life

So I know I am real with you everyday but I choose to leave a few details of my life out of my blog for the sake of keeping some things private. But I have taken on a new chapter in my life and I thought it was time to share it with you. 

From the time I can remember, I have been a full time worker. I started working at Sonic at 14 on Saturday's and Sunday's, only allowed to put in 10 hours a week due to child labor laws. But it was great. I would work from 9am-4pm on Saturday's and 1pm-4pm on Sundays. And then when I hit 15, I was allowed to put in more hours and I did. My parents got me a car but I had to pay for car insurance, that was the deal. They wanted to teach me responsibility and to this day, I never look back and wish they hadn't. I mean come on, they bought me a car, and not a crappy car. A cute white cavalier named White Lightening. Least I could do was pay for my insurance. 


So since I was 14, I have worked. Sonic to Main Event to Legacy Learning Center to being a nanny for the Weddel's to being a nanny for the Shorts to being a nanny for the Weddel's again to working at Spec's as a wine consultant to coming to my present job in 2013 at Lightbeam Health Solutions. 

Last summer when B and I decided that it was time to get off birth control, I remember this over whelming feeling come over me that when I do get pregnant and this child comes, I won't be in his/her life like my mom was. That I am/was so work driven, it was really important to me to make a name for myself in my job, no matter the job I do. So I talked to B about not working and staying home. And he said "Is that what you really want? Is that what would make you happy?" And I didn't have that answer for him, because I honestly didn't know. I worked over half my life already and it was something I was use to. So I dropped the subject for the moment and told myself if I couldn't get it out of my head, then I would bring it back up again. 

Well I got pregnant and the thought slowly kept creeping back into my mind. So I thought long and hard about it and prayed about it and talked to him again about it. And not once did he argue or say we wouldn't have money or that we were living this amazing life and me quitting would ruin it. But I could never wrap my mind around me actually not working. I NEVER wanted to be a stay at home mom. You can ask anyone around me, it just was never my thing. 

So I had a come to Jesus moment a few months back and really asked myself what I wanted. And I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted to be able to work but not miss out on the things in my children's life. So with a nervous heart, I went in to talk to a fellow Lightbeamer about what he thought about my idea of going part time. And he actually was looking for someone to help him out on a few things and that I would be perfect for it. But I would have to talk to the big boss about it so I told him I would think about it a little more and talk to Bobby. But I knew it was what I wanted, I was just scared of what the outcome might be. 

Then Bobby springs on me that he wants to move and he wants to move to Mansfield. I have been an Irving girl my whole life, with the exception of a few years where I was in Flower Mound and Dallas. And you want to move me where? But he explained why and that the school districts were amazing. So again, I found myself back on my knees praying about it. And just like always, God gives me doors to walk through and I found myself saying OK to moving. But that made the want to go part-time even more because driving from Mansfield to Irving everyday would be OUT of the picture. I would never get to see my child and I wasn't having that. So I knew the time had come to go talk to the big man in charge at work. I have a great relationship with my bosses, I am super blessed in the boss department. 

So I went in with my head high, a prayer in my heart and sat down in front of him and just had vomit of the mouth. Probably told him way more than I had wanted to but like I said, I have a great relationship with him. And he liked the idea of me moving to the department I had spoken to him about and thought me going part-time was great idea for myself. So we talked time-frame and pay and that I would need to get an all-OK from my future boss on all of this. 

I can't even being to tell you what a blessing this is. I started this week going part time and so far so good. With us moving and the busy summer we have, it just made sense for me to start in May with it. I love Lightbeam and I love that they are allowing me to do this and have a little freedom. And I love my new boss so very much. He asks me to do stuff and then leaves me alone to do it. He never gets mad if I do it wrong and always encourages questions. 

What am I doing you ask? Well I was an Executive Assistant to the President and CEO (as well as everything else that company needed like HR, coffee maker, order all the supplies the company needed, etc.) and now I am an Accounting Specialist to the CFO. I handle all the billing and deposits and all the legal paper work that needs to go out and get signed as well as all the HR job I had. And I love it. 

Who knew the girl that had the shopping addiction many years ago would be in the financial department of her company?! 

And they say God doesn't have a sense of humor.... :) :) :) 

3 days a week I get to sleep in a little more (and yes, I am doing that cause in 13 weeks, I won't get that luxury once MM comes) and this is what I wake up to.....