Thursday, April 30, 2015

Newest Addition to the Family

I'm sure you have heard the news by now and if you haven't, don't cry.....I got rid of my big ass monster Jeep named Chuck. 

It's been coming for some time now. Bobby and I have been looking at cars for about 8 months now, I kid you not. I am extremely picky when it comes to cars. I only like a certain look and I like my cars to be original. I don't like anything cookie cutter in my life. My house, my car, my husband, my dogs, my clothes, nothing. I am as original as they come and I like my lifestyle to reflect that. And I knew I didn't want a 4 door car. That was the issue. I wanted an SUV because that's what I like. And Bobby refused to buy me a new car because "when you drive it off the lot it automatically loses it's value"! Do you know how many times I have heard that speech? So we looked at used, which didn't bother me but finding what I wanted in the price range was hard. We started this process last September and it ended with us consistently fighting and him wanted one thing and me wanting another and neither one of us willing to compromise. So we decided to refinance the Jeep and got our monthly payments lowered and that was good for the time being. When I got pregnant, the Jeep factor once again came up. I told Bobby that I love Chuck and was going to have a hard time replacing him but I felt like it was time. We kept putting it off thinking we would have time but this pregnancy is not slowing down and we both wanted me out of it when MM gets here. And with us moving farther away, I really needed something that was good on gas. So I gave in a little and told Bobby I would look at 4 door cars but it would be my decision, not his. And he was good with that. So last week, I told him I had been looking around and found some that I liked and he totally turned the tables on me. He said "What if we lease you a brand new car instead of buying used?" I couldn't believe what he had said. So he showed me what he was looking at. And I agreed to go look at one. 

Before my Jeep, I use to drive a brown Kia Soul named Bean. I loved my Kia Soul. It was original, cute, stood out and when you saw it, you knew it was me behind the wheel. I don't know what made us trade it in for the Jeep, I was trying to reflect on the exact reason why but I don't remember. Anyways, I have always loved Kia. My sister has driven a Kia, I have driven a Kia and my sister in law Angie has driven a Kia. They really are great cars and have come a long way. So that's where we went. 

Let me introduce you to brand new 2015 Kia Sportage EX Premium. Black Cherry exterior, Dark Grey interior, fully loaded, mid-sized SUV. I love it so much. It is such a safe car which was a big factor to me and I wanted a few features that this car came with. I wanted a back up camera, I wanted a sunroof, I wanted navigation, I wanted leather seats and I wanted it to feel big inside. I don't like being in a car that makes me feel like I am dragging my butt on the ground or my head hits the top of the car. I like it comfy but sleek. And Snoop has it all and more, way more! 

It also has push start/stop, cool and heat front seats, blue-tooth, duel air, finger sensor to open the door, voice command, quiet engine and really good gas mileage. If you like what you see or want more information, head on over to Southwest Kia on 1-20 and Hampton in Dallas and ask for Edwin. Oh and tell them I sent you. We spent 6 hours at that dealership, they will remember us! They seriously have the nicest staff and work extra hard to get you the price you need. And they offer really good trade in values for your car. 

Chuck will forever be one of my favorite cars I have ever had and I will miss it this summer with the top off and my hair blowing, but being in something that is safe for my child without giving up what I really want in a car is more important.