Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Younique Foundation

What you may have not know about Younique is that every purchase you make, helps empower sexually abused women. The company this year is inviting women who have been sexually abused to a retreat. The purpose of The Younique Foundation retreat is to provide a safe environment for participants to start or continue healing from childhood or adolescent sexual abuse. They are committed to providing the women with a healing environment; where they can learn, grow, and reflect. Younique's goal is to help strengthen her and better prepare her to thrive despite the trauma that has impacted her life. And it's at no cost to them besides the plane ride to the retreat. There is a simple application to fill out and if selected, will be given at least a 2 months notice for you to have time to take off work and get everything in order. 

Also, there is just 1 more day in my Easy On Your Eye's party on my Younique page. So go make a purchase knowing you are helping give back to beautiful women around the world. 

If you are wanting more information on how you can attend yourself or know someone who would like to, please reach out to me and I can send you more information on it. This is very confidential so trust that I will not tell anyone nor share if you would like the application. I highly respect privacy and will not abuse your situation in any way.