Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby Talbert

Dear Diary,

I've got some really exciting news. I am going to be an aunt again! Angie is pregnant and is having a boy according to her doctor. She is only 10 & 1/2 weeks along but they say he is looking good. And Angie already has a name.....so super jealous that she already can decide on one for him. Jace Lewis Talbert will be his name. 
For those of you who remember, Angie lost her baby girl at 20 weeks due to her organs growing on the outside of chest and with such devastation, still managed to keep her head above water and know it was all in God's hands and look how he rewarded her and Matt. It didn't take her very long and now she has a wonderful little boy growing inside of her. I'm so excited that my MM will have someone so close to his age to play with. Poor Billie Marie....that girl is going to run the show with all these boys! 

Little one- You have no idea how much you are already loved. And how lucky you are to be brought into such a beautiful family. I can't wait to meet you and spoil you and love you as much as I love all my other children in my life. Keep growing strong and I will see you in November! I love you so much! 

Love, Aunt Dani