Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's about to get REAL!

OK Victoria can stop sending me daily emails of beautiful super models in swimsuits, constantly reminding me that I am growing larger everyday and I can't even get one boob into those swimsuits. 

I have always embraced my body. I run and do a little weights. Nothing to brag about but it always seemed good enough for me. I never was the skinny girl or the girl who shouldn't be eating that. I was always in the middle of the road and I liked it. I like having some curves and so does my husband. And there is a difference between having curves and being fat. And now that my body is growing because of a certain someone growing inside of me, I have noticed I have felt more down about myself because of it. My husband y'all, is gorgeous. Like shouldn't be allowed to walk this world gorgeous and here I sit, large and sometimes in charge and I am starting to hate it. And I don't want to hate it. I want to embrace this time in my life but its hard when cellulite takes over your butt and back thighs and your arms are starting to look like Jello and the farther along I get in this pregnancy, the less working out I can do. And now that it is about to swimsuit season, I keep making jokes about how I will be the whale in the pool but these jokes I keep making are starting to become a reality. At my moms house, I don't care how I look. I don't care if things are out because they don't care. But around my gorgeous friends, UGH! 

So that lead me to looking at the internet for some bathing suits for myself this year. I am not one for sharing swimsuits. My sister in law Kristen gave me one one year that she had only worn on her honeymoon so that didn't bother me but wearing someone else's that wore it awhile I just can't do. I want to get 2 or 3 and I don't want them expensive but I want them good quality for when I am pregnant again, they will last. Motherhood Maternity seems to be the best place to find swimsuits for pregnant women. I also found a couple at Target I like. These are the ones I found that I like. They are going to make for awful tan lines but oh well. It is what it is right now. 

These 4 are from Motherhood and this first one I have loved for a long time. It is Jessica Simpson ($59.00) and I love the skirt part of it. The second one ($36.98) looks comfy and like it would really show of my waist line and my belly. The third one ($26.98) I am just OK with. I wish the skirt part wasn't so long. I do like how you can take off the straps so you can tan that part of you. And the last one ($36.98) is just way to cute not to share. With the ruffles and the band around the waist. 

These next 2 come from Target. The zig-zag one ($34.99) looks really stylish but I'm afraid my boobs will pop out. And yes, I like that 2 piece ($24.99). I will be at my moms a lot this summer swimming and no one there will be looking so I am thinking about just doing it. They don't care and they love my ever growing belly. I just don't want the bottoms to be too small on my booty. I don't mind flaunting the belly, but no one wants to see my cellulite butt! 

What do y'all think? And do you find they run true to size or should I go up one size? Tell me your favorites and for those that know me, this should be easy for you to know what I would be most comfy with or you think would look best on me. The one for sure is the Jessica Simpson one, I just don't know what other ones to get. Maybe I will order them all and only keep the ones that work. That way I know.