Friday, April 3, 2015

22 weeks

Outside was a great choice for me but a bad idea for the dogs. Bullet was looking for shadows on the ground and Dash kept seeing an imaginary squirrel! 

How far along? 22 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 11 pounds. We took a big jump from the previous weeks in weight even though I don't feel or look any heavier. I do notice my stomach is sticking out more so it must mean he is growing good.

Maternity clothes? Very much so. I wore a dress to church last Sunday that wasn't and it was quite cute on me so I am finding that dresses don't need to be maternity just yet. As long as they are long enough, that's the issue now. 

Sleeping? Awesome-sauce! It takes me a while to get comfortable but once I am, I am good to go for about 4 hours till I have to pee. But I always fall right back to sleep so that's nice. 

Best moment this week? I was laying on the couch on my left side and I guess it's a maternal thing, but I had my hand on my stomach and he started kicking my hand. This is first time I have felt it on my hand. Last week I could just feel him inside me, but this was like a full blown out kick in the hand. So I froze and kept waiting for him to do more and he did not disappoint. Bobby has yet to feel him but it's coming. Just needs to be a little bigger and it will happen. 

Worst moment this week? My ligaments stretching. I have had the worst time with this. It's usually my left side and this week it was my sciatic nerve. If this has happen to you before, you know my pain. If this hasn't happen to you, well good for you. I couldn't even walk out of work it was so bad. It took a warm bath and rest for me to even feel normal. 

Do I miss anything? Running. Just stepping outside my door and going. I just can't do it anymore. It's elliptical's and stair-master's for me. I do love walking around the park with Bobby but I just want to take off with my music like I use to and it bums me out some. 

Cravings? This week has been bananas and cereal. Don't get me wrong, it is still chips but the want for them hasn't been as bad. And with the weather changing, I see a few Dairy Queen Butterfinger Blizzards in my upcoming future. As long as they aren't at 3am and me and Dash aren't in the drive-thru window, I am good. The building I work in, now has an ice cream machine in the cafeteria and I have yet to indulge because I just ignore it but it's not going to be long before I can't. 

Aversions? Meat. And this is all my husband likes to eat at home. I do my best cause I know I need the protein but the longer into this pregnancy I go, the more I hate meat. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Headaches this week have become worse. Heartburn some but goes away pretty easily. Sciatic nerve acting up. I can feel my hips getting a tad wider in preparation for him to come. It still fascinates me how the female human body can make another living person (ok yes, and a males sperm but that's irrelevant) and how the body just knows exactly what to do at every minute of the day for it. It can only be the work of God :) 

Belly button? In

Stretch marks? No

Looking forward to? My sonogram on Wednesday to see him. I hope he isn't as stubborn and I can see his face this time. 

Gender? Boy

Name? Mighty Mouse. We did have 2 names at the top of the list but have decided against 1 of those for sure and are now looking at other names. I still can't decide what I want or what I like or finding one we both like. I just don't want to name him something I will regret or he will hate. I always loved my name and will always love my name so I want that for him. And I don't want to use family names because then you hurt the other sides feelings for not using a name on that side of the family and it becomes a mess. Plus, I want him to have his own name, not have to live up to someone else's name. Girl names are so much easier....anything goes for a girl. But a boy, so much harder! 

Due? August 4, 2015