Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I need some advice. 

Yes, I kept children for over 12 years and consider myself very knowledgeable in children but when it comes to what a child really needs (besides love and food) on a daily basis, I feel like I have fallen behind. That's where you come in.....

Besides a crib (because I already have a few picked out and I am not registering for that)....what are some must haves items I need to register for? Item's you find you can not live without or have heard from other moms. Bobby and I will be registering in a few weeks and with so many products out there, I really want to know what you use on a daily basis. And if there is a certain brand you like better or recommend, give it to me. I'm talking from bedding to gadgets to bottles to devices....any products you love I would love to know about. Just make sure the product is still available. 

Or if there was a place you registered at that you thought was best, would love to know that. I have started looking into some products but with so much out there and they all claim to be the best, I thought this would be best to just ask you wonderful moms instead of trusting the manufacturer reviews. 

So let me know either by commenting below or on Facebook. And it can range from really expensive to your $5 finds! Thanks in advance. I really do appreciate it.