Monday, April 13, 2015

Where did the weekend go?

What a busy weekend. I went to sleep and it was Thursday, I woke up and it was Monday. There have finally been some houses come on the market that we are able to go look at and that's what we did this weekend. We saw 2 on Friday and saw 2 on Sunday. Neither of them felt right to me. I just know there is one out there for us and I'm not settling for just anything. 

Saturday I finally got my hair done. Being pregnant, you have to wait till a certain time in your pregnancy to do anything to your hair besides a cut and it was about time. I love the girl I go to....April Barnes. She is soooooo good and so knowledgeable and works well with what you want. She never pressures you go to the extreme and she takes great pride in making sure your hair is where you want it to be. It takes us a good 3-4 hours for me to do my hair. First I put an all over color, usually some sort of chocolate brown mixed with a dark purple tint and we let that sit. I have red undertones to my hair so when she mixes the chocolate with the purple, I just love the color it becomes on my head. You have to look really good and in the sunlight to be able to see the purple tint. Then she washes that out and adds in about 7-10 different foils of champagne blonde. She likes to do it in a 2 step process so the blonde doesn't bleed into parts of my hair I don't want it. I don't like adding to much blonde or to bright of blonde. I want it to accent my hair color. And the champagne color we pick is perfect for that. This time we added something really cool. I added 2 strands of purple. Unfortunately, you can't see it very well. It didn't take quite like she and I wanted but that's ok. We will get it next time. In this photo you can kind of see the purple strand she added to one of the blonde strands. 
If you are looking for someone new to do your hair, I highly recommend April. She never steers me wrong and it is always the best quality hair products she uses. And she really works with your hair and takes the time with it. And if she doesn't think it will look good or will work for you, she will honestly tell you, which I love.

After I got back home, I pulled into a very clean garage. Bobby has already started cleaning some stuff out since we move in about a month (rather we have found a home or not) and starting to throw away some junk. I love that I have an organized husband and a husband that stays on top of situations like this. Lord knows me and my pregnancy brain can't keep anything straight these days. I told him I had made a promise to a 6 year old that I would go watch her play t-ball. It was my sport (softball) growing up and I am so excited she is trying it out. Bobby decided to come along with me and away we went. If you have never been to a t-ball game, there isn't much going on. The kids stand in the position they are given and either dance around or pick flowers or play with their glove or stare off into space. It cracks me up. The only time they really do anything is when they hit the ball off the T or if the ball comes to them and they throw it at a random person. Sometimes they will get another kid out. Other times 4 of them all go for the same ball and can't pick who gets it. Landry did pretty good. I don't think she likes it very much but I think it's cause she's bored out there. I hope she sticks with it and becomes a catcher like I was. 

I am finally far enough along to wear the shirt I had made from . I can't tell you how many people love this shirt. And even if you aren't pregnant, it's what every girl wants you to do and say: "Feed Me And Tell Me I'm Pretty". And yes, Dash is never far away from me. He somehow manages to photo bomb almost all my selfies. 

House looking takes up a lot of time and I am starting to feel the pressure a bit. I just want to walk in a home and it feel right. Both Bobby and I are very respectful of each other in that if it doesn't feel right to the other, than it's not worth investing. It needs to be what we want, not what he wants or what I want. We look everyday for new homes to pop up and I pray every night that one does. I always wanted a pool but told him it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, I could always build one. But Sunday, he told me that he wanted a pool too. So we are at least on the same page for it. We won't turn down going to look at a house without one, because it could be the perfect one but knowing that a pool is important to us both makes it so much easier. 

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