Wednesday, April 29, 2015

8 years ago

April 29, 2007 was a really big day for Bobby and I. We had been dating a solid 3 years and were ready to take it to the next level in our relationship. 

NO....not marriage. I made that boy date me for 7 & 1/2 years before he put a sparkly ring on this finger and said I DO! 

A dog. 8 years ago today, we drove to Kansas (a 6 hour one way drive) to pick up a sweet French Bulldog we had saw online named Momma's Boy. We picked him out from all the rest because he was about a month older than the rest of them and was about half the price of all of them. The older a puppy gets in the litter, the cheaper he is. But we didn't care. We could tell he had personality just from the pictures. So when we were decided on his name, we googled so many different ones but nothing stood out. At the time, the TV show The O.C. was out and one of the characters on it was named Bullet and he was this large Texas guy who Bobby and I both loved and that's how we came up with Bullet. Plus he had this little bulls-eye mark on his forehead so it just fit. So we drove 6 hours to get him and when we met him he ran to us and jumped on us and we knew it was right. When we went to leave, he ran over to the fence, got on his hind legs with his front paws on the fence and said goodbye to his friends and then ran back to our car. The 6 hour car ride home was a little over whelming. He peed on the floorboard and refused to sit in the back seat where it was safe. So once we got about 2 hours away, I allowed him to sit up front with me and he fell asleep on me. 

I found pictures of that day and few of the following days with him for that first time. He was so little! 

Bullet- April 29, 2007 will be forever one of my favorite days in my life. You have been a best friend to your dad and the most perfect dog to me. You have the funniest personality and are super stubborn. I didn't get to live with you for the first 5 years of your life but I can't image those days anymore. People say that when they come back in the world, they want to come back as a dog to me because of how much I spoil them, but what they don't understand is how much more you give me than I give you. I love you Bullet! Happy Adoption Day!