Friday, April 10, 2015

23 weeks

How far along? 23 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 11.8 pounds 

Maternity clothes? Totally and I love them. Maternity clothes are so comfy! 

Sleeping? Like a baby. I do wake up at 4am every morning and it takes me a good 30 mins to go back to sleep but I have a feeling its just my body getting ready for night time feedings. 

Best moment this week? I have 2! 1) I have been feeling him kick for a couple of weeks now but Bobby has yet to feel him. Well Saturday night, we were laying the couch and I had just eaten a bowl of cereal and this little guy starts kicking up a storm. Like he was on a sugar high or something. So I grabbed Bobby's hand and pressed it to my stomach and we got really quiet and bam! Right into Bobby's hand. This was the moment I had been waiting for. He did a few more kicks for B to feel and was done. Seeing my husband's face light up when he could feel him was pure perfection. 2) Seeing him on the sonogram. He is still breached so it is hard to see his face. But he did give us a great butt/penis shot and he loves to show off his legs and feet to me. They look like chicken legs and for some reason, his feet seem big to me. 
 His hand and profile. Best they could get for me since he is butt down still. 

Worst moment this week? On Monday, I had a really bad dizzy spell that made me run to the bathroom to try to throw up. I never actually did throw up but there was a small window that I could go either way. I was sweaty and clammy and couldn't breathe or stand good. Asked my friend Julie about it and she said she thought it could be my blood sugar. Asked my doctor about it and she said the same thing. That I have low blood sugar so when I don't get enough, I crash. And it will only get worse the farther along I go. I need more protein, like eggs, nuts and cheese to help me balance myself, since meat is just not my thing right now. 

Do I miss anything? Not really. I am getting shortness of breathe more and that's a pain and I can't make it through a whole hour workout without a potty break in there once or twice but for missing anything, I am good. 

Cravings? This week has been nothing really. The first week I didn't crave chips or cereal. 

Aversions? Almost everything. I have to be in the mood to eat and when I do eat, it tends to be pretty bland. I just get tired of food and tired of the same stuff more easily than I did. The bigger he gets, the less food I want. Which makes sense since my stomach is getting smaller but trying to find 3 meals a day is a struggle for me. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Everything has been good this week, besides the dizzy/sweaty spell I had going on on Monday. I do notice if I work out a little to hard or a little to long, I feel sick afterwards. I am just really trying to keep my weight good and help keep the swollen-ness down and working out helps both. I just need to not do so much and make it a lighter workout and just walk when I feel tired some days. 

Belly button? In 

Stretch marks? None

Looking forward to? Our house appraisal finally came back this week and it was really good so our house is almost officially sold. Just waiting on a few papers to sign and that will be it. But now it's time to find a house for us to live in. I love house looking so I can't wait to get started. 

Gender? All Boy! That's what the sonogram technician said when she saw his bottom area. 

Name? Mighty Mouse. As far as a real name goes, nothing. Boy names are hard. So hard. I've decided to give up on it for now and come back to it after we find a home and stuff. Get us settled and then I will find the time to really think about a name. 

Due? August 4, 2015- even though MM is 4 days ahead of schedule according to his size and weight (he's 65% for size and weighs 1 lbs 5 oz), they still are keeping me on the August 4th day till we get farther along!