Monday, April 6, 2015


What a great Easter I had. On Saturday, we celebrate it with Bobby's family and on Sunday, we have lunch with my side of the family. Except this year was different because Tim and Kara weren't there so we didn't go back to someone's house and hunt eggs like we normally do. So I have a lot of pics from Saturday and just a few from Sunday at lunch unfortunately. 

We went over to Angie's house this year and each person brought something to eat (I made (yes I said I MADE, not Bobby) sweet cornbread and jalapeno cheddar cornbread, and it was Delicious!) and we had a huge feast and then hunted Easter eggs out front. Between Debbie and Aunt Teri with the Easter eggs filled and Kristen with the eggs that have confetti in them, there are over 150 eggs for 3 children! I kid you not. Billie Marie gets her own large eggs that Debbie brings her and baby Weston is too small for it (he's 4 weeks old and adorable I might add and I hogged him whenever I could). 

On your mark, get set, GO! 

Isn't she just Perfect?! 

 Egg confetti time. Normally you through them at the wall and they bust but boys will be boys and they throw them on each other and smash them everywhere. There is so much confetti by the time they are done but it is so much fun! 

Isn't Loralei the cutest little bunny you ever did she? She is such a tom-boy and I love it. 

Baby Weston! Aunt Teri made him this hat. I tell that women every time I see her she needs to go in business with these hats she makes. I can't wait to see what she makes for Mighty Mouse! It will be one of my favorite gifts to open at my shower. 

Pinata time. Honey calls these Pina Colada's. It cracks me up every time. 

And next year there will be another little one there, sitting where Billie Marie was sitting because she will be hunting eggs this time. I just can't wait to have my own to see enjoy all of this. And dumping confetti on his head rather he likes it or not! 

Then Sunday we met my family for lunch in Southlake Town Square at this yummy restaurant called TruFire. They have an amazing gluten-free menu just to let you know, in case you are in to that sort-of thing. We use to always go to Red Lobster after church every Easter growing up. But the past couple of years, we have changed it up. I usually am in charge of Easter and I like to eat a variety of different foods. I don't go out to eat much with my whole family and when I do, I want it to be fun. Plus my aunt and uncle like to eat different foods so I know it always pleases them when I pick somewhere other than Red Lobster. 

Landry and her Easter dress. I always loved getting new dress and shoes each year for Easter. I have no idea what is going on with her smile but when you are 6 and you don't want to take a picture, you are going to smile like this. 

 I mean come on right.....he's a stud. He gives me these looks like "Ok Aunt Dani, I know you love me but can you please stop telling me for one minute and get me out of this chair...?" 

 Landry is like his little mom. She is a mini Kara and when Kara isn't there, she really turns into mini mom. She helps him, feeds him, tries to make him take selfies, you know...all the stuff moms do! 

Talking on Landry's phone to no one but he knows exactly what to do with a phone. You hand it to him and he automatically puts it to his ear and says hello and then waits a few seconds and says good-bye! Here he was in deep conversions with someone. Isn't he mini Tim or what? 

I stole this off of Kara's Instagram because she got way better photos than I got being inside. 

I know I say this all the time, but it is very true. These kids make me the most happiest. I always try to be there for them and be fun for them and give them all the things they want. I just love them to no end and I want them to know it. And if they need to call me in the middle of the night because they are stuck at a bar somewhere and can't get home, I will be that aunt that goes and gets them and gets them home safe. No questions, no punishments......from me at least!