Friday, April 17, 2015

24 weeks

I hate this photo of me (it looks like I am wearing a wig) but it was so funny of Dash I couldn't resist using it. And Bullet looks fake to me. Hahahaha I love my dogs 

How far along? 24 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 12 pounds even though I am starting to feel like a house

Maternity clothes? Are the best! I have never been one for yoga or sweat pants. When I am at home, it's usually tights or shorts and either a comfy top or a sweatshirt. But I found these sweatpants from the H&M Mama line (that I simply adore) and bought 2 pairs and OMG.....I will wear these even after he is born. Bobby always compliments them on how comfy they look. And they aren't saggy (which I hate). They are fitting and soft and I could wear them all day if I was allowed.  

Sleeping? This week not so good. I got about 12 hours in 3 days. I finally slept really good last night, like really good and now I feel really refreshed for the weekend. 

Best moment this week? I can't say I have had one. This week has kind of been a drag for me. Minus the every 3 hour kicks from inside my stomach, it's not been a good week for me. 

Worst moment this week? Lack of sleep. Almost fainting at work. Having dizzy spells. My blood sugar dropping quickly. And all of this was just on Monday! I finally sent a message to my doctors nurse asking her if I was OK and she sent me back a message telling me to up my protein. That because I have low blood sugar, I really need to eat as much protein in the morning as I can stand and that will help. I started that Wednesday morning and so far so good. But feeling like you are going to puke everywhere, going from freezing to hot in a split second and not being able to see because you are so dizzy, is one of the worst feelings. Especially when you have a little one growing inside you and you are it's main source for everything. 

Do I miss anything? Again, not really. I really want to go running but that's about it. I've gotten past the point of sushi and wine and wanting them. I mean don't get me wrong, if my doctor told me I could have a glass of wine everyday I might just kiss her but it's not something I just think about like I use to.  

Cravings? Peanut Butter.....creamy.....straight out of the container! It's me, a glass of milk, peanut butter and a spoon at night on the couch. I have established my own container since I am eating straight out of it. And boy do my pups love me the most right now. Bullet gets a few licks from my fingers and Dash gets to lick my spoon when I am done. They sit and wait patiently (I don't mess around with the begging crap they pull on their dad) because they know I will be done soon and it's their turn. 

Aversions? Not as bad this week. Nothing just turns my stomach except meat but even meat I am ok with now. If it's cooked the right way or in something. And now that I have to add more protein to my diet, Bobby has really stepped up the meat around the house. I do my best and stop when I just can't. Don't want to make myself sick. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired, dizzy, moody. Some days I feel really good and trucking along and the next day I am a major bitch and my back hurts and I can't walk well and I don't want anyone to talk to me. I find I am like that when I don't sleep good at night. I am finding it hard to sit in one spot very long. Either I get uncomfortable or my back starts to hurt really bad. Baths and heating pads are my best friends. I have yet to rope Bobby in with the back rubs yet because I am holding off to the last moment I just can't stand it. I am thinking about going for another maternity massage in the next weeks. I was going to try to go every 6 weeks but they are expensive so I am spreading them out. 

Belly button? In 

Stretch marks? None

Looking forward to? Finding a house we like. We have to be out of ours in less than a month and I am starting to feel the pressure. We do have a place to go if we don't find a house but I really don't want to have to move to move again. Or live out of a suit case for a week or something. It's all very nerve-racking but I am staying calm. Trust in God...Trust in God....that's all I keep telling myself. 

I decided to take out Gender, Name and Due Date because you all know this is a boy, he goes by Mighty Mouse and he's due August 4th. The fact that he's a boy won't be changing, even if we do come up with a name, I won't be revealing it and he will make his debut when he makes his debut. And that day can't come fast enough for this Momma!