Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So over the weekend a very special little boy turned 4 years old. I can't believe he is 4 already!
I remember the day he was born. I didn't get to get to the hospital to see him because at the time, Bobby and I were not married and I had to work so I just never got around to going. And the day I did get to meet him started from hell. Let me tell you what happened.
I finally was so excited to meet him. So I get in my 1999 red Chevy Cavalier that had been passed down to me from my sister. It was the second week in September and I was going on my 2nd summer with no AC. The car had about had it. It was old, worn down and hot. So I am just a cruising down the highway, sweating, when I get stuck in traffic. The thing was that I had to keep moving. Stop lights were fine because you don't sit that long. But traffic...not so much. So the car staled I believe 4 times by the time I could get over to the side of the road. I call Bobby crying asking him what I should do. He had just gotten to Billy's house so him and Billy come on out to search for me. Since they got stuck in traffic trying to get me, they ended up riding the side of the road until they found me. Car's were trying to cut them off but Billy kept going around them screaming at them that they were trying to find a beat down red cavalier with a hot, crying girl in it! So they finally do find me and I hop in Billy's car, Bobby hops in mine and starts cruising down the highway to find a place to take it. So I am upset and my makeup is smeared by the time I get to Billy and Kristen's. I walk in and Kristen hands me a glass of wine and her new baby. 2 things in my life I needed at that moment! Everything from that day just went away. I was there and I was holding him and that was all that mattered.

I never imagined the kind of child Kent Samuel Lewis would be by the time he was 4. He is so smart, so tough and so incredibly sweet. If you were to open the dictionary to the word "boy". I swear Kent's picture would be there instead of the actual definition. I love that whenever I see Kent, he always hugs me and gives me a kiss. He is so funny and has got these eyelashes that go on for days. The boy is for sure not hurting in the looks department either. Some lucky girl someday is going to get the man of her and other girl's dreams. I love Kent so much. I always know when I am with him, I will laugh or be in utter shock about how smart he is for his age.  

Kent Samuel Lewis- Aunt Dani loves you so much. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and continue to be the most perfect definition of a boy you can be.

Favorite photo from the birthday party? THIS!

Kristen captioned it best!
"So while this piƱata was awesome, I forgot to make sure there was a tree to hang it from. Billy improvised and I am now glad there wasn't a tree because this picture wouldn't exist."