Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Caer.....Vallen.....Tomber.....Ceciderit.....Falla.....Awe..... matter what language you say it's still means Fall !!!!

So yesterday was officially the first day of fall, and even though it is still in the high 80's here in Texas, I am loving the morning time low 70's and night time low 80's. I drive a huge monster jeep and you can believe I have taken the top off and windows rolled down.
Fall is my favorite season. I love Spring too but I have too many allergies from Spring that I don't get to enjoy it as much as I do Fall. Plus, as much as I love summer clothes, Fall clothing to me is when people look their best. The boots, the jeans, the tanks, the sweaters, the jackets...I love it all. What I really love to do when it comes to shopping is by a few major pieces that can carry me into a few years. I will tend to spend a little more on those pieces and then make a Target run and buy cheap everyday pieces that may only last one year. This year, my goal is get a new pair of black and brown boots. The last time I bought boots was about 4 years ago so I believe it is time for me to update that part of my closet. Every year I tell Bobby I am and every year I don't. So this is my mission to find them.
With that said, I have been making a Pinterest board with all my fall ideas for clothes. And deciding on what key pieces I will get this year to keep around for a few years. Here is what I am loving right now and I hope this helps you when you are out shopping:

An oversized sweater with a cute scarf, tights and ankle boots. This would make a really cute Thanksgiving outfit or brunch with the girls. Just make sure the sweater is long enough and the tights are dark enough because no one wants to see booty at Thanksgiving! Well maybe that nasty cousin you only see once a year but lets not give him that pleasure.

I love leather jeans. They go with anything. I have those shoes so I want to find the leather jeans and then be able to place it with cute layers. I have a oversized booty so layering on top allows me cover it but still stay cute on top. Also, leather jeans come in colors other than black so I am going to try to find a few colors to play with this fall.

Here they are again but this time, with a flannel or jean shirt wrapped around. I have been wearing the flannel look all summer and I am so glad it can carry into fall. I love black as well (slims everything) so having a fun flannel to either wear around the waist or put on is a great need. Long soft shirts are also in this fall when it comes to layering.

I cant say enough about this outfit. Adding the belt to an oversized sweater like this really helps make your waist small and helps with the girls on top. It also gives it that "I kinda through this together look but did it on purpose but want you to think I don't care but I do care look." Not to mention those boots!!!! Thigh high boots are so great when they don't look like a stripper. And trust me, they make them. Try them on before you buy. I love online shopping but when it comes to boots/shoes, I almost never do it unless I really know for a fact they will work.  
The crop top sweater! Love it. But I only love it if its done right. High waist skirts are great for elongating your torso and making you appear smaller and taller. Then you add the cute crop top to it and bam...its fashion. Purple/plum is the color right now this fall so load up on it. How to do it wrong is to place it with a short shorts or something that shows off your stomach too much. I'm all for a little stomach show, its sexy but there comes a point where too much becomes too much.
I don't know if you have noticed but jean jackets are back! and I couldn't be more excited. But what I am loving is the jean vest. It goes with anything and everything. And you can get it in so many different jean colors. Make sure you play with your strengths, if you are a pale light haired light eyed girl, the lighter the jacket the better. If you are dark skin, dark hair, dark eyed girl, go towards the darker side. I am on the darker side and I have tried on light denim and it washes me out awful! But would look amazing on my blonde sister Kara. Finding what works for you is the best, not what looks good on someone else.
The boots I am loving right now to go with everything are these tie up ankle boots. I actually have these in black (wearing the today) and they go with everything. Jeans, shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts, you wear it you name it, it goes!
So I love the socks and boots look. It was really popular last year and it will be in style again. But oh no....I don't have any socks to go with my boots! No fear, you know that really itchy sweater your grandma gave you for Christmas last year that hangs in your closet in the back where no light reaches it....pull it out. You can cut the arms off of that sweater and use it for a sock. WHAT!!!! I know right. Grandmas ugly gift is now a great piece of fashion. And when she ask you if you ever wear it, you don't have to lie to her!
The one trend I am really noticing this year is layers. Layer the shirts, layer the socks and boots, layer the jackets, layer layer layer!  And layering of the jewelry. Taking simple pieces (either long or short) and putting them together. Or having one large statement piece and dressing around that. My sister in law Kristen sells Stella and Dot and what amazing pieces they sell. And for a great price. Here is the {link} to her website if you want to start purchasing your fall jewelry!
And don't forget that your never fully dressed without a smile! And you can help get that smile at my Younique page.
Welcome to fall my friends...where everything is colorful and smells likes pumpkins!