Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's smelly... hot... humid... and... full of people?

The Subway!
Day 2, part 3!
It always scared me. The speed it goes at, the weird people, the funny smell. Getting lost or forgetting to get off and then you are stuck. Plus being under ground in the dark, so many things could happen! These are all the horror stories I have heard or read about. But I cannot live my life in fear of what might happen, plus I was going with a huge group of people so the likeness of me getting mugged or hurt or taken was not likely. So with that said, I was super excited for my first subway ride. The reason for the subway ride was because we had to get across town at a very fast pace in order to hop in different cars to take us to New Jersey for the rehearsal dinner. So Trae came and got us and away we went. I got to walk down to a part of town I had never been before. I wasn't quite sure where I was actually. But I knew with tour-guide Trae, I was gonna be just fine. Here are few pictures of the walk I got with my phone. I did not bring the nice camera with me in fear of it getting taken.

Then we headed down the stairs and away we went into Subway Land! It's smelly, hot, humid, and full of people! I would have gotten so lost by myself. I have mad respect for those who do it everyday and figured it out on their own. I asked Trae how he knew where we were and he just smiled and said 
"I know how to read signs"
"Hahaha smart-ass !!"
It really was a great experience. I saw so many different people with all kinds of backgrounds. It amazes me how much of a melting pot New York is.

My favorite photo that evening was defiantly this one. I had so much fun with Becca and Jasmine! We all 3 are so different but I believe that's what makes us such good friends. 

That next morning, the boys had to be in Central Park for the wedding early so we girls decided to go get a pumpkin spiced latte (it was 66 degrees outside and a PSL was all I could think about) and some breakfast and take photos in front of the LOVE sign. Here we are!


Stay tuned to tomorrow for the love story that is of Trae and Michelle Harrison! I took so many photos (like 200 !!) but have narrowed it down to a few favorites of that day to share with you.