Friday, September 12, 2014

You call it getting lost.....I call it an adventure!!!!!

So after going through all my pictures, I realized I might need to do day 2 in 2 parts. I took a bunch of Central Park and they are so pretty that I must share. So today is day 2, part 1 of my Saturday in New York.
We learned late Friday night that Trae and Michelle did not need us till around 4pm that day, and the rest of our crew had not yet arrived. So, super excited I got a morning with my main man, we decided to go walk Central Park. If you have never been, you can't image how gorgeous it is. And how many people who are exercising. They have traffic lights in the park to help with runners and bicycle riders. To help them not hit people or get ran over themselves. It was such a wonderful concept. Once we arrived in Central Park, my camera could not stop. I felt like such a nerd but honestly, I didn't care. There are parks for children, a carousel, a small amusement park, huge places to lay out and sun or have a picnic, a bunch of people asleep on huge rocks. We were on the south side of the park and somehow got lost. Which is easy to do. But we really didn't care. We knew we could figure our way out and we ended up coming to this spot that over looked Manhattan. The joys of getting lost with the one you love is just amazing sometimes. So here are all my pictures of Central Park. I wish I could walk it everyday with Bobby. And I will go back again, but this time go towards the end of October, when it's cool out and the leaves are all orange and red and pink!  

Stay tuned on Monday for day 2, part 2 where I visit my all-time favorite place in the world, Tiffany's and ride the subway for the first time!
Today is actually a special day for someone I love. My Granddaddy, is retiring after 38 years in the same job, same company. I couldn't be more thrilled for him. He has worked very hard and I hope he has so much fun not working. I love you Granddaddy so very much and I couldn't be more proud of you!!!!!