Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"And I know you to well to say you're perfect but you'll see oh my sweet love, You're Perfect For Me"- Ron Pope (from our wedding song)


That date may not mean much to you...but that date to me is everything. 09-10-11 was the day I married my best friend, my guy, my main man, my everything, my sweet, wonderful, loyal man. The guy I had seen go from thug to model. The guy that was there for me through all my ups and downs. The man I went through deaths with and the marriages of 2 of our siblings. The man I witnessed all of my nieces and nephews with. The guy I got to adopt not just 1 but 2 dogs with who are part of my whole world. The man who works his butt off to try to give me all the things I need and want in life. The man who took me out of my beat up broken down car into a cute brand new Kia into a badass monster Jeep with. The guy I wake up with and go to sleep with. The absolute man of my dreams could not imagine this kind of man ever so he is beyond what I could dream. He is perfect for me and everything I could ever want out of a man.
I wanted to share a few of my favorite wedding photos with you, since it is my 3 year anniversary.

Robert Samuel Lewis-

Where do I begin? There is no one in the world like you. You make my whole world complete. The amount of love you give me in one day, people dream of to get their whole life. You are kind, funny, loyal, strong, have a heart of gold, piss me off one minute then somehow make me love you the next. You have never given up on me (except those 2 times but we won't talk about that). My best day was the day I married you, all 3 years ago. I wasn't nervous or scared or anything you dread on your wedding day. Someone gave me a piece of advice about that day a few weeks before hand and they told me that all that mattered that day was you and him and getting married. Don't worry about the flowers or the cake or people or if your 2 year old niece is going to run down the isle screaming mommy mommy mommy! Nothing that day mattered except us. And I am so glad that there is an us. In a world full of hate and divorce and ugliness, we somehow together do our best to find the beauty in it.  We had great examples of parents growing up that it made for a good stable relationship between us. The whole 11 years I have known you, I never dreamed of the amount of love you would give me on a daily bases. Thank you for always being my rock, my laughter, my friend, my lover, my shoulder to lean on, my Godly reminder of what a man is supposed to be, my secret teller, my best friend, my HUSBAND! 
I love you Forever and Always!!!!