Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tomboy turned Princess turned Powderpuff= ME

Growing up, I would have been considered what you call a tomboy. I played softball since I was 4 up until I was 14. I was daddy's little boy. I was tough and opinionated and really wasn't into girly things. I watched wrestling (RIP Ultimate Warrior), I watched the cowboy games (that was when they were really good) and I pretty much went and did everything my dad did. My mom always made me take dance as well to give myself options in life and to keep me active. I love dance as well, but I loved softball more. When I got into the 8th grade, I decide to give up softball. I just wasn't into it and I couldn't find a team that I liked. Being a catcher my whole softball life was all I knew, but I knew I needed a change. With that being said, as soon as I hit high school, my tomboy days were over.
Done. See ya!
I joined the drill team at Irving High and did that all the way through school. I loved dance so much and found to be good at it. It came naturally to me since I had done it off and on my whole life. By the time I met Bobby,
I was all girl.
No trace of boy left in me, besides the opinionated self. I hated sports, wanted nothing to do with them. But something changed in me last year.
Bobby and his "guys" joined a fantasy football team and I watched him all season strategically pick and watch football. We have direct TV so he bought the sports package where he can watch 8 games at once!
My house was over taken with men, beer, food and football.
And something from my past just kinda kicked in. I found it to be really interesting. If you know me at all, you know I do NOT gamble. I never risk losing money to someone else based off something that is not in my control, I just really don't like to bet. You will never hear me say, "Hey, I bet you this...".
Just won't happen.
But there was something different about Fantasy to me. More luck of the draw and you really need to know your stuff/ players. So when it came around this year, I told Bobby I wanted to join. The look on his face was priceless.
His 5"5', 130lbs, lover of everything pink and sparkly, screams when any kind of bug is around her, cry's at the drop of a hat, wife wants to play fantasy football....with his boys!
He told me if I could tell him 5 players that were not on the Dallas Cowboys, he would talk to the guys about it. Like it was some special club or something. I said Drew Brees, Payton Manning, Eric Decker, Jay Cutler and Russell Wilson. He laughed....4 of them are quarterbacks who are in the media constantly and the other one I have a huge crush on (and his wife). Needless to say...I didn't make the list this year on his fantasy league. But....the men at my work have one and I brought it up one day and they were needing someone else and
BAM! I was in. So now what....
I called Bobby and told him and he said he would help me but only to a point. I wanted to join and do this so I needed to start researching. He asked me who I wanted to draft first and I told him Johnny Manziel. He said "you are going to need a lot of help dear!" I love Johnny and I knew I wanted him but once I really started learning how to do it and what I needed, I knew Johnny was going have to one of my last picks (if I could get him). He told me I needed to pick a name for myself, something funny, clever and original. So we thought about it for a while and I said "Powerpuff Girl" (like the cartoon show about super hero girl children, loved that show!) and he came up with
 Powder Puff!
You know like the games in high school where girls play football, they are called Powder Puff games. I thought it fit me perfectly! So I had a cheat sheet of all the players from who was really good to who was so-so, their positions and who they play for. You only get 1:30 minutes to pick and it goes fast! So I go into work that day and I find out I am #10 in the draft. Which meant I was #3 on the next go around so that was ok with me. I could get 2 really good players and then my third time around, I could still get someone good. I had Bobby on text, my notes in my lap, a cider in my hand and a calmness on my face.
I wanted to show these guys I came prepared to win!
So who did I draft....I was extremely pleased on who I got. I took it home and Bobby was floored at who I picked. I must give my husband a lot of credit; he worked really hard on the notes for me and coaching me on how it works. There's no way in the world I would have been able to do this without him.
Starting line-up=
Drew Brees- Quarterback- New Orleans Saints
Giovani Bernard- Running back- Cincinnati Bengals
Chris Johnson- Running back- New York Jets
Antonio Brown- Wide Receiver- Pittsburgh Steelers
Alshon Jeffery- Wide Receiver- Chicago Bears
Jordan Cameron- Tight End- Cleveland Browns
Sammy Watkins- Wide Receiver- Buffalo Bills
San Francisco 49ers Defense
Stephen Gostkowski- Kicker- New England Patriots
DeAndre Hopkins- Wide Receiver- Houston Texans
Rueben Randle- Wide Receiver- New York Giants
Mark Ingram- Running back- New Orleans Saints
Johnny Manziel- Quarterback- Cleveland Browns
Travis Kelce- Tight End- Kansas City Chiefs
Odell Beckham- Wide Receiver- New York Giants
Jerricho Cotchery- Wide Receiver- Carolina Panthers
If you notice on the 5 people I told you I said to him, I only got 1! I really wanted Eric Decker but it didn't happen, someone got to him before I could. And you can't have 4 amazing quarterbacks like see...I had a lot to learn.
I did get Johnny though. I was so excited. He was still up there and kept moving towards the top and I knew if I didn't get him that round, someone else would. So I snatched him and all the men made disappointing sounds. And it's a good thing I did pick him cause when I came to work the next day, they all told me Johnny was there next pick....
haha suck it boys. He's mine! 
I know I got a solid in Drew, but I just think Johnny is going to be something worth watching. At my house I call him Gerbil...he's so little but has these quick little legs that move him with such speed. So cute.  
I am so excited for football to start. I am so excited I have something to share with my husband like this and not have to go against him. I think it might have been a bad situation if I had joined his "league"! There might have been some sore losing going on and I would hate to have to rub it in his face that his un-sporty wife kicked his ass in fantasy football.
:) :) :) :)
Just a small side note, B and I are going to New York for a friends wedding so I will not be blogging again until next week. I have never been to New York before so be ready for picture overload! Everyone have a fun and safe weekend and I will see you Tuesday!