Thursday, September 25, 2014

Judge all you want.....I am not leaving this couch!

So confession time......there once was a period in my life where I watched over 50 shows in one week, every week. That's right, over 50 shows. Every week. I was trying to remember the actual number but I can't. I just know every year I make a list of the shows with the times and dates and when they start back up. TV is a huge outlet for me. It takes me into another world for that 30 minutes or an hour. You can be anything or anyone on TV. It makes me laugh, cry, scared, and mad all at once. My list has slowly dwindled due to growing up and getting a job and a husband and not having as much time as I did living with mom and dad. My current list is around 25-30 or so depending on the season. A few of my favorites have ended and I have some new ones that are starting. I have 2 shows for sure that are ending next May so that will leave a few spots open. Here is my line-up for my fall TV season!
Dancing with the Stars-
I don't watch DWTS live. I always tape it. I can watch the 2 hour show in about 30 minutes. I only watch it for the dancing. I've only ever missed a few seasons because I wasn't interested in the people on it. So this show comes and goes each year.
The Big Bang Theory-
I have watched from the very beginning. I am a huge fan of this show. I am a nerdy person so this little inner person loves the fact that they make nerds funny. They take the side that gets bullied and tease and make a joke of it, in a sweet way.
The Voice-
I mean....Blake....Adam! Why would I not watch. And this year is Gwen and Pharrell....I am in heaven. Plus, the people they choose are sooo good and it's something both Bobby and I love.
new this season-
I love Benjamin Mackenize. Love him. And I love the Batman movies and all the villains so this show is right up my alley. I got Bobby to watch the first episode with me and he liked it too. It's about Batman before he was Batman. But it's not just that. It's a look into the lives of all the villains and how they became that villain.
The Blacklist-
MY NEWEST ADDICTION- I binged watched the first season on Netflix because I kept hearing so many good things about it. I watched all 23 episodes in a week. I am so in love with James Spader as Red. If you haven't watched this show, I highly recommend it. You will be so addicted. It is my favorite show!
I have watched this since the beginning as well. I love Castle and Beckett and their relationship. He's funny and has so much swagger. She's beautiful but stubborn. They make for great television and I hope this show just keeps on going for a long time.
Dancing with the Stars Results-
I fast forward just to see who gets off.
The Voice-
Blake...Adam...Gwen...Pharrell! Done
New Girl-
Bobby and I both watch this show. He likes it more than me. I watch it for a good laugh and to keep up with the characters. I love that they make a dorky girl the main star. Instead of her super model best friend CeCe. But seriously, the men on that show, mostly Schmidt, are the highlight of it.  
Agents of Shield-
Based off the Avengers movie, Bobby and I both love this show. I love super hero movies so to get a behind glimpse of what goes on, just keeps my focus. But its more than that. Its about the agents who are behind the super hero. The good and the bad. It has twist and turns and when you think you know, it changes.
The Mysteries of Laura-
new this season-
I have already watched the first 2 episodes and I love it. I love Debra Messing so I was so excited when I saw she was going to have her own show. I also love cop shows (for some odd reason). But this show has a lot of humor. She is a cop who is going through a divorce and has twin boys who are the littlest devils. Her ex becomes her boss and her reaction is what every women would have. I seriously am so glad I started this show. And I love having her back on TV. Now...if Jack and Karen could make their way on to it, I would be in heaven!
The Goldbergs-
This was favorite new show last year. It is a great 30 minute show based off the true life of the producer. He even shows home videos at the end of each episode based off what that episode was about. Its just a great show that is clean and funny and something we all can relate too.
Modern Family-
I mean, I don't really have to say much about this show. It's 5 Emmy's and 1 Golden Globe can do the talking for this show. I never get tired of this show and I love the topics it touches on. I am all for equality and I believe that people should be able to get married if they want to so I love that this show shares my same views. All while not offended and being hilariously funny! And the fact that Ed O'Neill's character reminds me of my just makes me laugh even more.
Chicago PD-
I love Sophia Bush. Loved her as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. She is the reason if I have a daughter I want to name her Brooke. So when I saw that Sophia was back on TV as a cop, I was all in. Little did I know this show would be so amazing. It seriously takes me on a roller coaster each week. All of the characters come from different walks of life and there is this bond between them all. I got Bobby hooked on it as well and it ended with a bang last season...littlerly a bang. A major player got shot and killed so I am so excited to see where it goes from here.  
new this season-
I have only seen previews for this but it looks scary. And it takes you into the mind of why and how people stalk. The preview is so creepy, I will either have to watch this one while Bobby is home or during the day.
American Horror Story- talk about scary....AHS is the scariest show I watch. I have watched every year. It is going on its 4th season. If you don't know what this show is's because it changes every year. Each season takes you into a different environment with different characters. Some one who was the hero last season, could be the bad guy in the next season. They have the same actors but they play different people. So you don't have to watch all of the season to get caught up. I would recommend watching every season because it seriously is twisted and demented and I love every minute of it. This season is about a circus....and Bobby hates clowns. Bobby also sleep walks and talks so I might have to sleep in the other room after we watch this.
Grey's Anatomy-
75% of why I watch this show was because of Cristina and Meredith. And now Cristina is gone so I am a little nervous about watching it. But since I have watched from the beginning and have been so invested in each character, my mind would not know what to do if I didn't watch. I love grey's so I am excited to see where it goes now with Meredith not having her "person".
This is the type of show I watch when I am folding laundry or I am laying down to take a nap and want to watch something easy. It's the same concept each time but I have watched from the beginning so I must see where Bones and Booth go from here. I do love this show because they take a smart powerful women and make her vulnerable with Booth. It's greatly written and I seem to have a thing for Deschanel sisters!
Bad Judge-
new this season-
Kate Walsh to me is one of the prettiest people on TV. Loved her on Greys, loved her on Private Practice so I am excited to see her out of scrubs and on something funny like this. I can't wait to watch this.
Shark Tank-
Who doesn't like watching the average American come up with something ingenious and make millions off of it. Bobby and I both love this show. We go eat at our Friday night sushi place, I order wine, he orders water, we grub out on sushi, come home and watch Shark Tank. I love my Friday nights with him.
Hawaii 5-0-
I had seen some of the original episodes of this when it was out in the 70's (yes I wasn't born till 1985, so yea I mean in re-runs) so I knew when this one started, I wanted to watch. Who knew I would fall in love with Steve McGarrett (or maybe its the guy playing him, Alex O'Loughlin, I don't know). But his and Danny's (Danno) relationship is something you don't see much on TV. Their Bromance keeps the show funny because if it didn't, it would be another cop show. But they take this show and make it more than that.
CSI-Las Vegas- 
I use to watch every CSI they made (besides this one was NY and Miami) and I watched those go away. But this one has stayed because it invest a lot in the characters. It keeps it interesting. They bring in new powerful people to shake things up without taking away the focus of the actual plot. It started in 2000 and I have watched every year. They are coming out with a CSI: Cyber in 2015 and you best believe I will watch it too!
Including in this list is also Football. I mostly watch Sunday football since all my shows are starting back up, my Thursday's are taken over with that. And I have too much to watch on Monday's so I tend to keep my fantasy line up app open on Mondays to see the highlights of the game.
I do have a few other shows I watch but those are Spring shows: Bates Motel, Hannibal, Glee, CSI: Cyber, Agent Carter, & Justified. I love Walking Dead too but I wasn't caught up before last season so I wont be caught up on this season since I will have to watch on Netflix.
I love TV. And I love that I have a husband who loves TV too. And is willing to try any show.
What are you watching this season? Any that I watch? Would love to hear your feedback on anything you are starting or loving that I may or may not watch.