Friday, August 29, 2014

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart"- Winnie-the-Pooh

I swear I am blessed beyond words. God has given me amazing, beautiful parents. An understanding and loyal gorgeous husband. Lovely in-laws and a wonderful sister and brother in laws and sister in laws. And all of that has brought me the most precious angels in the nieces and nephews. My sister has Landry and Hayden and has told me she is done giving me anymore. Kristen has Kent and Billie Marie and has told me that she is done giving me anymore. Angie has Colton and...

I was so excited the day she told me. Funny story about how I was told.....wanna hear it?.....of course you do! 

So I share a cell phone plan with my mom still. It is much cheaper to pay my dad each month than pay Apple so whatever. Well I had reached over my data limit so my data was turned off for about 3/4 of a day. I didn't know I had to restart my phone in order to get my data back. So here I am on a Friday going about my business when I get a random text from Angie explaining to me how she wouldn't lie about being pregnant to me. I was like 'OK. I believe you'. What I didn't realize was that was the only text I got out of about 10 other messages she sent me, including her picture of a pee-stick...showing me she was positive! I text-ed my dad (because we have iMessage) asking him about my data and he tells me to turn my phone off and on. And when I did, a huge amount of text came flowing in, including the pee-stick one. I called her screaming and apologizing for not responding. She said "Well I was confused on why you didn't respond. I just thought you were really busy at work!" 

Girl know me way better than that. 
being an aunt! 
There is no way I would have not respond to that! 

So this aunt is once again (and for the last time cause I have been informed that this is the last one from Angie) being blessed by another baby. I am rooting for a girl!!!!! Come on pink! 
Here is Angie and her perfect prego belly. She is 9 weeks pregnant and is due April 1st, even though we all know she will go early due to her heart-shaped uterus! Which is awesome for me because that means I get to meet this little olive sooner than later! 
(you can tell from the picture in the sonogram what I mean about heart shaped uterus)

Even though I know you are up at 2am eating crackers and drinking ginger ale just to settle your stomach so you can sleep...this baby is so worth it and will be so spoiled by Aunt Dani! I love you and love it and Congratulations! 

My sweet Colton! He just knows it's a boy and it's name is Luke!

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