Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I wonder why it's called Orange Beach when really there's nothing Orange about it!

So I was gone last week you might have noticed and it was because I was on my families vacation. We went to Orange Beach, Alabama. And no, we didn't fly. We drove. It was an 11 hour car ride, but we made it like champs. Even Hayden (who was in our car) was amazing. I had an amazing time with them all and am so blessed to have such a wonderful family to call my own. Here are few of my favorite photos I took...I did realize by the end of the trip that I was not in a single photo so the last day I had someone turn the camera around on me to prove I was actually present!


We had such a wonderful time. I wanna go back to the beach. Laying out tanning and drinking a margarita at 12pm is wonderful. No worries, no cares.
Just me, my handsome husband and my family!