Thursday, August 21, 2014

I can get your attention with one word........SHOES!

I have a new favorite obsession. It's called Kristin Cavallari and her shoe line! I use to watch Kristin when she was on Laguna Beach and I always loved her rawness. Her ability to take any situation and spin it. She never took crap from anyone and was always down to defend herself. She kinda fell off the planet a little when the show ended but then resurfaced about a couple of years ago when she married Jay Cutler, the pro-football quarterback. She now has 2 beautiful baby boys and this amazing shoe line!!! You can buy them at Chinese Laundry and at Nordstrom's. Here are few of my favorites!
This shoe is called Letizia and is on sale for $99.99 at Chinese Laundry. It comes in black, nude and pink!
This next shoe is called Leale and it comes in black and pink. Chinese Laundry has it on for $69.98!

I really am going to save up for this pair. It is called Lucky and it comes in 3 different colors, this, herringbone and black and it is $149.95 at Nordstrom's.

This shoe comes in 3 different colors as well. 2 colors are show and the third is black. The name of it is Laurel and it is $149.95 at Nordstrom's.

The last ones I am going to show are some ankle boots. Ankle boots are seriously in right now and they go with anything! And look good with everything! These are called Raylin and you can find them at Chinese Laundry for $159.95. I know that seems like a lot but for a really good pair of boots, it's not. Especially ones that will last you for many seasons. These come in 2 colors.

Thank you Kristin for sharing your creative side to the world like this. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep it up!
Kristin has her own app you can follow (just search Kristin Cavallari in the search part of the app store, it's free) and you can also follow her on Instagram where she keeps you updated as well.
Don't forget to buy your 3D fiber lash mascara to go with you rocking new shoes! When my eyes look good and I have killer shoes on, I can take on anything!