Monday, August 18, 2014

If I had a chip on my shoulder....I would eat it!!!

OK GUYS!!!!!!! I FOUND THEM!!!!!!! After I told you I couldn't find them, I found the Lay's stack Do Us A Flavor chips. I found them at Target fyi! I was like a kid in a candy store. I just was walking around the grocery section waiting on Bobby to pick out a soap smell he liked and BAM! Hit me like cupid. I practically ran over to them and grabbed each one and ran back to my cart, like I was on Super Market Sweep! The look on my husbands face made me feel like a crazy person but I DO NOT care. So we checked out and Bobby and I decided to pick up food from a restaurant to take home. So while we were in the car waiting, he makes a comment about me waiting to eat them and that was all it took. We popped those suckers open and went to town!!!!!!
It amazes me how they can make a chip taste like something else. So I took them on vacation with me to let me family taste test them too. Here are the results!
Let me introduce you to the flavors:
Wavy Mango Salsa
Cheddar Bacon, Mac & Cheese
Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger
I apologize for the wrinkling of the bags. We got a little excited!

By: Chad Scott
I was very excited to try this flavor. I love coffee and I love cappuccinos. And I was thrilled when I opened them and smelt this sweetness come from it. I have never had a sweet chip before so this peaked my interest.
I LOVED them. They taste like the sweet froth you get from a cappuccino. Not really a coffee like taste. It has this cinnamon sugar feel to it. This is the type of chip you don't need other food with. Like if you want a small snack at 9pm, grab a handful of these. They will satisfy. It was a mixed review with my family. Me and my dad loved them, everyone else thought they were ok.
Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger
By: Meneko Spigner McBeth
Confession: I HATE wasabi. I have never liked it. I don't like the weird flavor it gives and I don't like the heat that is randomly brought on. Whenever I eat sushi (which is quite often), I always ask for No Wasabi. So I went into this chip already not liking it. The Kettle Cooked version is one of my all time favorite chips so I was bummed when I saw that the flavor just wasn't what I wanted. But, I felt it was duty to my bloggers to step out on the limb and go for it.
Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It still had that weird flavor of wasabi, just without the heat. There was a small heat kick to it but it went away as soon as it came. I ate a second one to see and again, same results. (Not that there would be a difference between the two, I just wanted to make sure I got the right flavor profile since I was trying all these chips back to back.) My family wasn't a fan. If you like wasabi, you will love these.
Wavy Mango Salsa
By: Julia Stanley- Metz
I don't know about you but I love mangos. They are one of my favorite fruits and I could eat them everyday! And I love salsa. Because what goes with salsa....chips! So when I heard about this flavor and the fact that it was coming in the wavy form, I was super excited. When I first opened the bag, you could instantly smell the mango. My husband is huge fan of mangos too so he was anxious to try this one.
I LOVED them. They have this tangy side mixed with this savory side. I wish I had had guacamole to dip into because these would have been perfect! You have to really like mango to eat these. If are not a mango fan, you won't like them. Again, a mixed review with the family. When I asked if they would eat them again, most said yes.

Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese
By: Matt Allen
So ever since I was a little girl, mac and cheese has been my favorite meal. Ever since going gluten-free, I have been limited to it. And its a huge struggle for me. My mom makes the BEST mac and cheese and she started putting bacon in it a while back. And I love bacon (thank God I can still eat that!) So when I saw this flavor, I almost had a mini heart attack. My main reason for finding these chips, was this chip alone. I prayed I would not be disappointed!
And I WASN'T!!!! Holy mother of pink these are amazing. I tasted the bacon and the cheese. I didn't taste much macaroni per say. The bacon and cheese really stand out! I don't know how I didn't eat the whole bag in one sitting. Like I really don't know how it didn't happen. I'm trying to remember the experience and all I can think of is how I wish I had another bag. I knew these would be a hit with my family. When Landry saw them, her eyes got so big and she grabbed it out of my hand saying "Ninny....what is this?!". Before I could respond her tiny hand was half way into my big bag and then into her mouth and away she walked, with MY bag! I think she stuffed about 4 into her mouth before she turned to me to tell me with her mouth full how much she loves these!!!
On a side note, Matt Allen is a firefighter who puts his life at risk everyday to help save people. I would love for him to receive the million dollar prize! He's earned it.
If you are interested in trying them on your own, hurry up to your local Target or grocery store and buy them all and do your own taste test. And then head on over to and vote!!!!!!
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