Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So if it wasn't for bacon and taco meat, I could easily be a vegetarian. I don't like the slaughtering of animals. And I'm not that big on eating meat. I would rather eat a plate of broccoli or asparagus, then a steak. Don't get me wrong, I love a good piece of tenderloin or a perfectly cooked steak, I just don't want to think about how it got to my plate. With that said, my husband came home from the grocery store with frog legs. At first, I had a small issue with it because why would you kill a frog to just eat it? It doesn't have much meat and it's full of bones. But then I realized that there was nothing that could be done at this point and the fact that he was cooking them interested me so here we are.
If you have ever wondered how to cook frog legs or curious as to how they taste, you have come to right blog!
(they look like chicken legs if you ask me. but whoever says they taste like chicken legs, is wrong)
Almost always when you get frog legs, they come in pre-packaged container. Take them out and place them on a cutting board.

My husband then proceeded to take out the veins but it was extremely hard so he left them in. Since we have never cooked these before, we weren't quite sure. I looked it up and was told they were fine to leave in. He then grabbed his favorite seasonings and covered them in it.

Bobby usually always bakes things. The oven is his best friend when it comes to cooking. But tonight (because it was like 75 degrees outside on July 31st in TEXAS. I know right!), he decided to grill. So we grabbed the frogs, the dogs, my camera, wine and proceeded to the patio. If you do decide to bake them, Bobby said to put them in a 425 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes.
Once outside, B turned the grill on to medium-high heat. Place the frog legs on the grill. I suggested he needed to use foil and after the fact, I think he might have agreed. They fell apart when he tried to flip them over, so I would suggest to place them on sprayed foil. To help when you flip them over.

He flipped them over every 3 minutes, so he wouldn't burn them. He did this about 6 or 7 times, each time closing the lid after he flipped them. My husband doesn't like to use pot holders or tongs, but please...if you aren't a daredevil, please use something other than your hands to flip them!
The best helpers in the world!!!!
This what they looked like when he pulled them off the grill. Like I said, if he has used foil, they might have stayed together, instead of falling of the bone into pieces.
Even though they were already seasoned, we like sauces at my house. I've never had a meal that involves meat at my house that didn't have some kind of yummy sauce on top. I am a sauce girl and he knows it. Hooters has a sauce called Daytona and it is my favorite wing sauce. It is a little spicy with a hint of sweetness. So my amazing husband, made his 'own version' of Dayton sauce.

And then he got to flippin'!

If you have not mastered the art of flippin', that's ok. Just use your spatula or salad tongs to evenly dress the frog legs. And your done! I am sorry my husband doesn't measure. We are working on this. He goes so fast in the kitchen that he forgets I'm one step behind him taking pictures and asking him what he's doing. They looked gorgeous once he plated them. And we eat with our eyes first so I was very excited about this.

Ok...for the tasting part. Neither one of us were a big fan. They were kind of chewy and a little gamey. Nothing like chicken. The flavoring was amazing but the meat itself was just different. I think I actually ate more than B, because the sauce was so good. If you like different kinds of meat, you will love these. If you are strictly a steak and chicken fan, you may not enjoy these.

I promised I would never lie on this blog or not tell you how I feel, so there's that!
The wine I paired with these frog legs was a fabulous French Rose. The dryness and fruitfulness of the Rose was a great pairing to the frog legs. Or if you use this sauce on chicken wings, it would be amazing with it as well. And no, not White Zinfandel. An actual Rose. You can find them at Spec's or Trader Joe's or any specialty wine shop. Even the grocery store has them. They are wonderful in the summer and have fewer calories than any white wine.

(I got this one from Trader Joes. I believe it was only like $8 or $9! No joke!)
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Have a wonderful Tuesday!