Thursday, August 11, 2016

1 year postpartum

Dear Diary, 

Last Thursday my baby boy turned a year old. So I thought I would share my body, mind, soul to you all about the past year when it comes to me. 

I did a 6 month postpartum blog back in February and at the time I was 145 pounds, wearing a size 8 pant. I was told to give myself 9 months because it took 9 months to put the weight on. At 9 months is when I started my Swink Sweat class. 9 months was a kick in the butt for me. When I hit 9 months postpartum and realized I was in the same boat as I was at 6 months, it upset me. I had just started my 30 day trial at Swink Sweat and hadn't noticed a difference yet and it depressed me some. I thought getting my body back would be simple. I never realized the physiological effects it can have on you. Just one bad day can turn into 2 bad days really fast. It took about a month for the depressed feeling to go away. By 10 months postpartum, I started feeling like myself again. 

And here we are at 12 months. I am officially 139 pounds and I wear a size 6 pant/ 4 dress/ Small to Medium top depending on who sells it. My arms are slimmer, my tummy is slimmer and my legs are fitter. I am extremely comfortable in my own skin now. I owe about 85% of that to Swink, 10% of that to Bobby for encouraging me and cooking good food for me and the other 5% for myself because it does start with you and pushing yourself forward. 

Thank you to Swink. Thank you to Betsy and Meg for teaching my class and always encouraging me to move forward. To push just a little harder than I think I can. Thank you to the ladies in my class. You all make me laugh and always have such high spirits. Thank you to my husband for putting up with me and telling me on the daily how great I am looking. Thank you to Kristen who cheers me on in class from the other side of the room. Thank you to those who have told me in the past month how great I look. You don't realize how motivating that is or how great it feels, especially when you have felt so unlike yourself for so long. 
Outfit is Fabletics 

I encourage you all, especially those mom's who have just had a baby or about to have a baby....don't put a time frame on it. Don't let someone tell you how much time you have or get it in your head that it needs to happen in 9 months. It doesn't. It needs to happen on your time and your time alone. Your husband didn't put on the baby weight and neither did your best friend. You did and you know your body better than anyone. You know your mind better than anyone. Ask for help, find people who encourage you and if all else fails, come join my Swink Sweat class. I promise you will see results and leave feeling on such a high from the workout. 

Love, Me