Friday, August 26, 2016

Five on Friday

one. Jesus loves me this I know
The Emerald Sky girls are back at it again. I love this shirt. Love love love it. It's so soft and so comfy and looks so good on him. He got complimented all day on this shirt. And their fall line is about to drop and I am ecstatic to see all the new pieces. 

I saw these the other day at Target and almost had a scream fest. Fact: I hate onions. Despise them. But I love French's fried onions. Can't explain it. Anyways......I have put these on chicken tacos, I have added them to my salad and I have just ate them by themselves. They are a little spicy but not to bad. 

three. Pumpkin everything
It has started. The pumpkin spice is back and it's everywhere. Coffee, cereal, Pop-Tarts, creamer, candles, sprays, etc. I love pumpkin so I am so excited it is back. My house is already loaded up with so many different pumpkin things. Bobby just laughs at me. Oh well. 

four. Football
Football has started back. Yes, I know official games don't start for 2 weeks but I don't care. I love football season. I am in search for a new Dallas Cowboy hat this year. I was going to join a fantasy football league but I decided to not this year. I get way to invested and it doesn't end well when I lose. Especially if Bobby has helped me that week, I end up mad at him. So instead I think I might do Draft Kings to help feel the void. 

five. National Dog Day
Today is national dog day so I couldn't let this day go by without a picture of my pups. I love these guys so much. They are so sweet and so good with Brody. They are simply the best dogs on the planet!