Wednesday, August 17, 2016

HELP- new phone

I need your help. It is time for me to upgrade my phone. I have had an iPhone for years. Like years and years. A week and a half ago, Brody decided he didn't like the music I was playing on my phone and decided to throw my phone on the floor, breaking the screen. So I took my phone up to Apple to get it fixed (since I buy Apple care) and to discuss my options with them about an upgrade. 

Well it turns out that you can't do 2 year agreements anymore and you either have to buy the phone outright or do the Next plan along with your data plan. 

Can I just say....SOOO STUPID! Ugh so it pissed me off so I ended up leaving, with my broken phone and took it to a place that just fixes screens. 

So here is my delima: I am due for a new phone and because of the new rules, do I stick to an iPhone or switch to a Samsung? Those are the 2 I am debating on. I want the iPhone Plus because I am sure the new iPhone that comes out in a month is going to be ridiculous in the price. But I also want the Samsung Galaxy Note7 that is about to be released with the pen that has the sim card you can put into it to store photos. 

What I need my phone for: taking pictures, playing games, instagramming, facebook and texting. I don't need a phone thats good for emails. I don't need a phone that I can talk on for hours. Taking memories of my son is the most important thing to me and my games....

" name is Dani Lynn Lewis and I am addicting to about 11 games on my phone!"

I seriously don't know what to do. It makes me nervous to move away from the iPhone because it's all I know but if it doesn't matter now with the upgrades and my apple care plan is about to expire and I can't renew it, do I take the plunge and go with the Samsung?

Let me know what you think. I am sure this it a preference thing but if you have one or the other or have had both, I seriously want your thoughts. Comment below or on Facebook.