Tuesday, August 2, 2016

52 weeks

How old? 52 weeks

Likes? Cake

Hates? Being alone for too long. He is getting to the point of playing by himself and he's doing great, but if goes 2 seconds longer than he likes without seeing one of us, he starts yelling for one of us. 

Milestones this week? Going from the sitting position to standing on his own. Not holding on to anything, just getting up on his knees to his feet. I was so impressed when I saw him, I starting saying Yay Brody and then he fell over cause I scared him. Haha...I just can't contain my excitement. 

Sleeping? Very good this past week. He is such a happy baby when he sleeps. He plays better and just acts better. 

Eating? Bobby made chili this weekend and we let him try it. He liked it ok. Took a few bites off my spoon and then was done. He is all about dinosaur chicken nuggets right now. 

With this said, this is my last weekly blog post. He is a year Thursday and I just don't see the point going on with the weekly. I will continue to do the monthly post and you can keep up with us at my Instagram account; dani_lynn_lewis 

I thank you to those who came each week to see him grow. Stay tuned to tomorrow where I am posting all 52 weekly pictures! It's like life is flashing before your eyes!