Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Over the weekend, I got the honor to be able to attend my cousin Taryn and her husband Jimmy's wedding reception. 

See Taryn and Jimmy had a destination wedding in Belize back in May so only her closest family members were able to attend. But she told me that come fall, her and Jimmy had decided to have a reception for those who weren't able to attend. 

You have to know something. Taryn and I aren't blood related cousins. Our parents aren't siblings. But we are cousins in every other aspect of the word. Almost like sisters. I've known Taryn since I was born (she is 3 weeks older). Our parents have been friends since high school. We both have older sisters (who are also 3 weeks apart). The Kesterson's are a huge part of my life and I thank God they are. They are loud, funny and say what's on their minds. 

It was fun getting us all back together. We decided to leave Brody with Debbie since it was an open bar and we knew we would be out late. Kara left Hayden with her Debbie but did bring Landry.

Landry loved being the only one! She got to dance with Pop and Mimi and she also danced with B and I! 

I didn't get to catch up with Taryn as much as I would like (she had a bunch of people to chat with) but she lives here now so we have plans for lunch! 
Congrats Taryn and Jimmy. I hope Jimmy knows what a loud, crazy but fun loving family he has entered. And I hope he knows that when he gets the Kestersons', he gets the Clemens' too! I love that y'all live here now. And I love you both!