Friday, August 5, 2016

Ten on Friday- Birthday picture edition

So on Sunday, I decided I wanted to go ahead and take his 1 year old pictures. I was going to hire someone to do, but knowing my kid, he would be done pretty quick. So I asked Bobby for his help, grabbed his Happy Birthday diapers that Honest sent me, got his shirt that I had Emerald Sky make him, and made a large funfetti cake covered in sprinkles. 

We have this really cool barn in our backyard and it makes for great photos. So we sat him up there, put the cake in front of him and I grabbed my Canon and started shooting. Bobby decided to go ahead and use his phone to snap some, just in case my camera didn't get any or wouldn't work properly (I've been having troubles with it. Long story). 

These are what I got. I am so excited about them. I played around on Photoshop for a while to get some cool effects. I will show the original, and then the Photoshopped ones. Bobby got 2 really good ones on his phone as well. And after the shoot, I realized I didn't get any of the back of his shirt so I snapped one with my phone while he was helping daddy wash the cars.  

one. Hey boo

two. Daddy had his hair on point. Thank God, because I am awful at his hair. It's usually either a mess or he has a ball cap on when he's with me. 

three. His profile man

four. By far my favorite. I just don't know which filtered one I love the most. 

five. Yummm....cake!



eight. Even though he isn't smiling here, his face is just precious. And that pout lip he has going on just kills me.

nine. Those eyes man

ten. #BrodyturnsONE

I have to give a HUGE shout out to my girls at Emerald Sky for his shirt. You were the easiest to work with, you never complained when I gave you my deadline, you showed me what it would look like before hand and gave me options to pick from. His birthday would not be complete without y'all. 

If any of you ever need custom shirts made, go to them! The shirts are super comfy and last and they are willing to work with whatever you need done.