Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A look back at weekly

52 weeks.

That is how long this kid of mine has been in my life.

52 weeks.

52 weeks of Joy, Laughter, Crying, Loving, Kisses, Hugs, Snuggles.

It has not been easy, but parenthood isn't.

But it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

Becoming a Mom is the best and it's the best because of this guy.

At 6 weeks, he started to get chubby. At 15 weeks, he started eating rice cereal. At 18 weeks, he started sitting up. At 20 weeks, he really started smiling on cew. At 23 weeks, he got his first tooth. At 26 weeks, he start crawling. At 29 weeks, he learned to walk with his walker. At 31 weeks, he started eating on his own. At 36 weeks, he learned he could pull himself up. At 40 weeks, he said Momma. At 46 weeks, he started walking with help. At 48 weeks, he walked on his own. 

52 weeks. 

52 weeks of pure bliss. 

When I started this 51 weeks ago, I thought how long it seemed to get to 52 weeks but it didn't. I remember every moment, every smile, every cry, every look. I can't pick a favorite (I dare you to find just one you love the most) because they are all my favorite. We had a really hard 4 months with him but once he got his acid reflux in control and started eating and sleeping, our lives changed. 

52 weeks he has been in my life.

For 52 weeks, I have been the luckiest women in the world.