Monday, August 8, 2016


Last night, Bobby and I had a date night. My mom came over early and took care of our munchkin for us (Thanks Mimi). 

I love my date nights. We don't get them often and when we do, we soak it up. Movies use to be B's and my thing to do. We started our relationship out seeing a movie. It's what we love, it's what we agree on and before Brody, we probably saw 2 to 3 movies a month at the theater. Since having Brody, we haven't gone at all as a couple. 

When Suicide Squad was shown at Comic Con, we both made a promise we would see it. No matter what. And that promise came through last night. This week I prebooked our tickets at AMC Palace 9 in Fort Worth (we wanted to have comfy reclining seats for this movie and have an adult beverage to go along). 

Y'all......GO SEE SUICIDE SQUAD. Like seriously. Awesome movie. Everyone is amazing in their parts, especially Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Man that girl is beautiful and can act. Only disappointing thing is Jared Leto as Joker is NOT in it very much. He may have a total of 5 mintues in the movie. To be hyped up so much, I felt like he was left behind a little. And the parts he was in, he was a total badass. I told Bobby we needed to find a Halloween party this year or something because I want to dress up as Harley so bad! 

If you see one movie this month or this year, make it this one. There was no sex, no nasty bloody images, there is a little language but nothing over the top. Just a few small cuss words. And it totalled in $135.1 million dollars over the weekend so I am obviously not the only one who thinks this movie is the best. 

Oh and stay in your seat when the movie is over. There is a short clip for another movie that I featured on my blog a couple weeks ago. The movie ends, there are a few credits to the song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and then the clip I'm talking about.