Tuesday, August 16, 2016


When Bobby and I were discussing what to get Brody for his first birthday, a lot of things came to mind. An outdoor play set, a bunch of different building things, clothes, toys, nothing. Then we both thought how cool would it be to put a teepee in his room. And not just any teepee, a really cool one he could grow into. So I started doing my research and found one on Pottery Barn kids. Most of his bedding in his room is Pottery Barn baby so I knew the colors of the teepee would be just right. It was a little more than we wanted to spend but boy is it awesome. And huge. 

They do have 2 different sizes if you are interested. We went with the 81x60x60 (the smaller size is 54x45x45) since he has a big space in his room for it. 

Here is his room before. My mom asked me if it made me sad to have the rocker out of there and I said no, it made me excited for him to have this. 

And now with the teepee. I guess the teepee will have to be his new monthly photo, which is going to be hard to do as I sit here and think about it. 

Here is the {link} to the teepee page for them.