Wednesday, June 3, 2015

See you soon!

Bobby and I are closing on our house today and will be moving tomorrow so I won't be blogging today (unless you count this one) or tomorrow. I hope to be able to do my pregnancy Friday post but if I can't, I will do it next Monday to make up for it. 

Thank you all for the continued prayers and good lucks for us in this process. I can not wait to show you our new home and tell you all about it. I am beyond thrilled to be over with this process and finally be able to do MM's room. We have a short road ahead till he gets here and I plan on using every minute I got. 


Now pray that my husband doesn't hurt himself since he insist on moving us without movers. Luckily we know some strong men that can come lend a hand because we all know this 31 week pregnant chick won't be much help!